Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

In Warriors Orochi 3, you’ll find the same fast-paced combat, superhuman fighters, incredibly strange weapons, and many complex mechanics both on and off the battlefield. Whether it’s your first time playing Warriors, we’ve got some great tips to help you get started.

Warriors Orochi 3 Beginner’s Guide

You don’t just have three characters

One of the central mechanics of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is the ability to change characters on the fly in the middle of a fight. This has many advantages, not least allowing you to quickly experiment with different warriors, which is very important in a game with as many characters as this one.

  • Switching characters in the middle of a combo extends the combo with a switch attack. They are very powerful and can be chained with most light attacks. Some characters will be able to link switch attacks with each other much more easily than others – especially those with longer, larger weapons.
  • Each character has their own health gauges and Musou. When the character is not participating in combat, they will replenish over time. This is very important, since the enemies in this game hit very hard – even in normal mode. You’ll want to switch characters when you’re low on health, because if even one of your characters dies, it will mean the end of the game.

If you press the down button, two characters that you do not control will join you on the battlefield. You will still be able to switch between them and your overall damage will increase, but keep in mind that their health and Muso don’t refill while they are summoned. Press the down button again to make them leave.

Tip: If you press both shoulder buttons when all three characters are summoned, you can perform a true triple attack if the blue bar at the bottom left of the screen is full. Enemies killed by this attack have a chance to drop crystals, and this is the only way to get them in the game.

Horse riding

You can save time in the middle of a battle – especially one in which you have to travel a long distance – by holding down the summon horse button (the default button is up). If you keep it pressed, the horse will run towards you and you will automatically mount it without losing speed.

This will prevent you from losing momentum and possibly allow you to reach your important destination before something catastrophic happens.

How to unlock the tea house

At the very beginning of the game, you get a tutorial on how to use the Tea House to improve communications between your army. However, initially the Tea House is not available to you.

To open the Tea House, you must complete the first chapter of the game. It will end when you emerge victorious from the battle for Odawara Castle. From now on, you can pay gems at the Tea House to improve the relationship between all your soldiers.

Tip: In the fourth chapter, you will unlock a new option in the tea house, which will allow you to select two soldiers and greatly improve their communication. This is one of the best ways to quickly improve your connection to unlock some side quests that require an already formed relationship.

Weapon Fusion

At the forge in the camp, you can buy and sell weapons, the quality of which depends on how far you have progressed in the story. Here you can also combine weapons together. Many of the weapons you acquire during the game have empty skill slots – you can use the Weapon Merge feature to fill those slots with skills taken from other weapons. This consumes other types of weapons, but you can create and customize very powerful weapons.

Tip: You can add slots to weapons by selecting a weapon with empty slots as the fusion material. Weapons can have up to eight slots.

There are a few particularly good skills to look out for:

  • Bolt gives the weapon a chance to stun enemies with your attacks;
  • The wind forces your attacks to break through defenses. Its damage is low, but it can be very useful for finishing off pesky officers with low health;
  • Anti-aircraft gun increases the damage dealt to air enemies. This is mainly useful for characters who have great moves to throw enemies into the air, such as Kaguya;
  • Providence increases the chance that enemy officers will drop item boxes when defeated;
  • Chronos gives you a more generous combo window;
  • Splendor increases damage while the Muso caliber is full;
  • The multi grants a doubling, allowing you to deal more damage and increase the range of your attacks.

Recovery of attacks in the air

Getting airborne is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you in a game. You can find yourself juggling, unable to act, and all you can do is watch your life pool decrease. This is where special attacks come to the rescue – you can use a special attack (by pressing the button on the right shoulder) in the air, even if you are launched.

This will allow you to quickly recover and counterattack. Of course, you’ll need some Musou Gauge for this, but it’s very handy in an emergency. Try to get in the habit of pressing the special attack button whenever you get thrown into the air.

Talk to everyone to unlock new stages

Many stages of the game, including alternate history stages where you can recruit characters that are otherwise closed to you, are unlocked by talking to the people in the camp.

Each character has their own set of characters they can interact with in the camp, depending on who they have special bonds with, etc. The characters will also change depending on where you are in the story. Change the character you control from time to time and talk to everyone – this way you will unlock all the side quest stages, or at least you can review the requirements for unlocking the side quest stages.

Difficulty and rarity

If you’re playing on Normal, you may notice that you don’t have many high rank or high rarity weapons, and the weapons you get have weak skills. You might even discover this if you play in Hard or Mayhem mode if you haven’t gotten far enough into the game.

The quality of the received weapon depends on two factors:

  • The difficulty you are playing on
  • Stage difficulty

If you want to get the best weapons and the best skills, you’re better off playing in Hard or Mayhem mode and only going through the hardest stages.

Attention: Even in Hard mode, the difficulty increases significantly, so before moving to higher difficulty levels, you need to make sure that you have enough level and experience in the game.

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