Wait or go to the embassy in Horizon: Forbidden West

By choosing to wait or go now in Horizon: Forbidden West, you decide whether to wait for the embassy or go straight to the Tenacts. It seems to carry diplomatic weight – the Tenakt tribes are due to start an embassy, ​​but they haven’t properly introduced themselves yet, and things get tense as everyone waits for some kind of signal. Is it better to remain silent and let them show up when they’re ready, or to come in and see if they need help and maybe win them over? We’ll explain whether you should wait or go to the embassy in Horizon: Forbidden West now.

Should you wait or go to the embassy?

In fact, this choice does not matter, because it is not a choice at all. We were also skeptical at first, but we can confirm that there are no branching paths or divergent plots in Horizon: Forbidden West. It is quite clear that this is not the case, because Nozar and Studius Vuadis hint in their dialogue that your actions have real consequences, but they will not, or at least there will not be those consequences that you control.

Instead, it acts as a threshold point for the player, essentially confirming that they are ready to begin the next chapter of the game. The Tenakt Embassy and everything that follows won’t happen until Aloy chooses “I’m Coming Now”, so this is basically the moment you’re given the chance to complete other side quests, research, and get better gear before taking the next big quest and get the chance to explore the No Man’s Land on the other side of the gate.

Spoiler aside, shortly after passing this threshold and choosing “I’m going now” the fights will start, so if you feel like your level was low or you could use better equipment, it’s worth the wait, if only to get a better weapon. and get some extra skills before you hit the road again. However, if you think you’re ready to start exploring the dangers of the Forbidden West properly and meet up with Tenakt, choose “go now” and you’ll begin the next stage of the story quest.

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