Void Fang Gear in V Rising: How to Craft

The journey from new player to legend in V Rising is full of milestones. Getting the next piece of equipment or the best weapon is not just a short-term gain. Entire parts of the continent become available after obtaining improved equipment.

The barrier between mid and end game in V Rising seems to be the Void Fang Battle Gear. Players looking to conquer the game will certainly need some of these around halfway through their adventure. But with the uncertainty surrounding technology upgrades, how will players be able to get their hands on it?

Kill Quincy – King of Bandits

In the first area of ​​the game, players will face and defeat Nikolaus the Fallen, one of the highest level bosses in Farbane Forest. The good news is that the boss that needs to be killed to unlock the Empty Fang gear set is at the same level.

Use the Altar of Blood to track its location – it’s inside the Rogue Hold. To open the way to it, players will be blocked by a gate that says that explosives are required to open it. The gate can also be destroyed using the Bear Form special ability, which is unlocked by finding and defeating the Ferocious Bear boss.

Craft Void Fang Battle Gear

After defeating Rogue King Quincy, players will still not be able to craft Void Fang Battle Gear immediately. In addition to equipment, one technology is unlocked – a tailor’s workshop. The Void Fang Warlance must be crafted at this station.

The exact amount of materials varies by server, but crafting each item will require players to gather cotton yarn, leather, and woolen thread.

This is truly the gateway to the endgame, as the best armor in the game is also made in this workshop. Then it’s up to you to kill the enemies with V blood and rebuild the castle.

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