Violent Alberic in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Mad Tongue Alberich is an enemy NPC that acts similarly to player invasions. These unusual enemies will summon themselves in front of the players and engage in grueling combat. They are far from the harsh dangers found in the Interearth: huge trolls, giant bears and even legendary dragons.

Despite this, Spirit Invaders are a formidable threat, primarily due to their resemblance to a normal player. They can attack, defend, and even heal just like the players, leading to long and tedious encounters. As one of the first Invading Spirits players encounter, Alberic the Furious is a testament to the extraordinary abilities of these unusual enemies. His early appearance in Round Table Fortress belies the sheer effort and skill required to defeat him. Luckily, it’s possible to alleviate the difficulty by learning how to defeat the Vicious Alberic in Elden Ring.

How to Defeat the Violent Alberic

Attack before the battle begins

Before entering combat, the boisterous Alberic greets the players with a bow. However, he is unable to attack or defend. While it might be tempting to return his greeting with a kind gesture, players should take advantage of the Spirit Invader’s vulnerability. By exploiting the vulnerability of Alberich’s Mad Tongue, players will gain a significant advantage in battle and increase their chances of defeating it.

While Alberich is bowing, players should sneak up on him from behind and backstab him. The ability to deliver this devastating blow is very small, so players must act quickly. After that, the players should retreat, as the Violent Alberic will not be too pleased with the unexpected attack. He will be in critical condition and will have to use a Flask of Crimson Tears to recharge his strength or risk dying.

Keep your distance and move

The boisterous Alberic wields a fearsome-looking scythe and wields powerful magic in combat. His scythe allows him to deliver fast long-range strikes that can destroy players in a matter of moments. Such a dangerous weapon gives Crazy Tongue Alberich an advantage in close combat. A skilled sorcerer, he wields a powerful spell that fires deadly spikes of ice at players. This magic allows Alberic to attack players from a distance if they are not in combat.

This deadly combination of powerful weapons and destructive magic makes the Violent Alberic a formidable foe. Engaging in close combat is deadly, and long-range combat is not without difficulties. Therefore, players must keep their distance and keep moving when they encounter him. It’s much easier to fight Mad Tongue Alberich from afar, constantly maneuvering around it and dodging incoming attacks. Thus, depriving him of the ability to use his scythe and giving players space to attack or recover.

Best Strategy

The boisterous Alberic is a formidable foe, especially if the players take an unfavorable approach to combat. To increase their chances, players should follow this simple yet effective strategy. Before the fight begins, players must backstab Alberic, dealing significant damage to him with a single attack. After that, the players must keep their distance and wait for the right moment to counterattack with a bow or magic. Opportunities like this don’t come along very often, so players need to be alert and ready.

While this strategy reduces the tension in the fight against Alberich’s Crazy Tongue, players should remain vigilant at all times. Getting too close or attacking at the wrong time is a costly mistake. These errors will allow Mad Tongue Alberich to get within range and unleash his fearsome scythe on players, possibly leading to their untimely demise. If players survive such an encounter, they should retreat and refill health when circumstances permit. In the end, defeating Alberic would be a much less difficult challenge.

Collect rewards

Defeating Alberic will give you 3 Rotten Bloodied Fingers and the Tongue of the Mocker. Rotten Bloodied Finger allows players to join other players’ worlds. However, the real prize is the tongue of the mocker. This reusable item allows you to lure invaders into your world. In addition, the Taunter’s Tongue reduces the invasion wait time and increases the number of invaders that can join to two. Although it seems counterintuitive, it allows players to test their strength against others without leaving their world.

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