Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising: How to Find and Defeat

Vincent the Frostbringer is a level 40 Blood Carrier in V Rising who, when defeated, rewards the winners with two Vampire Abilities, a Structure Blueprint, and one Recipe. First, players will receive Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost.

Frost Barrier is a basic ability that increases movement speed by 10% and blocks any forward attacks for 2 seconds with an ice barrier. If this barrier is breached, the user will encounter enemies in V Rising with waves of frost that deal magic damage and cause chills.

Veil of Frost is a movement ability that causes the caster to dash in a certain direction, avoiding enemy attacks and protecting themselves with a shield based on spell strength. The player’s next basic attack will deal bonus damage and apply cold to nearby targets. Although these two vampire abilities can be quite useful in combat, the main reward that will attract fighters to destroy Vincent is a blueprint for a prison cell. This structure allows bloodthirsty adventurers to lock up humans with high quality blood types and feed on them indefinitely as long as the prey is taken care of. Finally, consuming Vincent’s V Blood will unlock the recipe for Reinforced Planks, required for higher level buildings.

Where to find Vincent Frostbearer

In order to find Vincent Hellebore in V Rising, the Vardoran vampires will need to use the Altar of Blood to locate the boss. Like Jade the Vampire Hunter or Christina the Sun Priestess, Vincent moves from one place to another and often travels through the DanlĂ­ farmlands. Although Lord Frost can be encountered on the main paths of the region, it will be much easier for vampires to track down Vincent with the help of the Altar of Blood.

How to defeat Vincent the Frostbringer

After discovering Vincent Frostbringer’s position on the map of Vardoran, the fight with the V Blood Boss will begin: several archers will come to the aid of Frostbringer to fight the vampire. These archers don’t respawn, so it might be a good idea to eliminate them first before focusing on the boss. Below is a short list of the main abilities that Vincent will use during the fight. Understanding how to deal with its mechanics is the key to defeating this Bloodbringer in V Rising. Also, keep in mind that most of Vincent’s attacks inflict cold on the player.

  • Icicle Strike: The boss raises his shield and then throws five cone-shaped ice projectiles at the player
  • Frost Strikes: Frostlord’s mace ignites when he slowly swings his weapon, dealing damage and freezing those he strikes
  • Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost: These abilities work the same as the ones above.
  • Triple Veil of Frost: After reaching 50% health, Vincent will cast Veil of Frost three times in a row.
  • Call of Winter: Upon reaching 50% health, Vincent will charge an icy blast into a large AoE ring around him, exploding everything within the circle with a wind blast

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