Unicorn Energy Core in Tower of Fantasy: how to get

Tower of Fantasy has many interesting vehicles for you to unlock. One of these vehicles stands out from the rest. The reason is because it’s a unicorn. Exactly. If you follow the right set of steps and get all the required items, you will be able to build yourself a unicorn vehicle. This guide details how to get the Unicorn Energy Core in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find the Unicorn Energy Core

To get the Unicorn Energy Core, you need to follow a few steps. First, you will need to make a violin head pie. To do this, you need to get brown rice and a violin head. Brown rice can be found throughout the Navia region in the pastures, and violin head can be found near factories in the Bang region. To make a Violin Head Pie, you will need at least two types of each.

After you’ve made the Violin Head Pie, head to the Miners’ Camp in the Corona Region. Look around and look for a large purple crystal-like structure against the rock wall. Next to this crystal, you will find an item called Brilliant Residue. Pick it up.

With both items on hand, head to the location where Stoker is. It can be found near the mining camp, where large bones lie in the water. Climb up the pipes next to the bones and you’ll find a gap in the metal that you can go through. There is also a sign there.

Talk to Stoker and give him the Glittering Remnant you received. He will ask for a violin head pie. Give him the cake and he will give you an ore extract in return. Take the ore extract to where you got the shiny residue. There are three cars in front of the big crystal.

You will need to activate the cars and set them to the correct gears. The gears are marked in the picture above. The furthest car in the picture is set to gear 3, the center car is set to gear 1, and the closest car is set to gear 2. If you put the cars in the correct gears, they will open a large crystal. Interact with the Breakaway Pile to get the Unicorn Energy Core.

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