Twinblade in Elden Ring: how to find and get

Elden Ring is a very difficult game, but players can gain an advantage by finding strong weapons early on without spending a lot of time and energy. The Twinblade can be found once players enter the open world of Elden Ring, but to do so, they’ll need the help of Flux, a steed that players can ride to move faster and reach high places.

To summon the Flux, you need to use the Bone Whistle. Once you reach the third Place of Grace, you will be introduced to a character named Melina. She will give the players a whistle to summon the Flow. You can now use his double jump ability to get to the location of the Twinblade in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Twinblade in Elden Ring

The “First Step” Grace Place will be one of the first players will encounter after reaching the first open area of ​​the game. To get to the Twinblade, you will need to head directly east from the Place of Grace to the Dragonburned Ruins area. Don’t worry though – you won’t have to fight a dragon to get the Twinblade.

There will be a place in the ruins littered with enemies, so try to avoid them for now. You will need to find a dilapidated building that cannot be entered or jumped into. Summon a horse and double jump to get over the bricks.

In the corner of this building is a staircase leading to a closed room with a chest inside. An image of the location is shown below.

Climb down and open the only door to find the Twinblade. While you can equip the weapon as you wish, its stats will be reduced if your dexterity is below level 18.

Note: Although Dualblade requires a Dexterity of 18 to fully utilize, some classes start the game with a higher Dexterity than other classes. So, for example, if you start the game as Prisoner, you will be able to use Dualblade faster, since this class has a Dexterity level of 14. After meeting with Melina, players will still have to increase their stats using runes in the Place of Grace.

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