Triangle Strategy Hard Mode Tips

Released in March this year, Triangle Strategy is a tactical role-playing game reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. In addition to the branching paths and decisions the game is known for, Triangle Strategy features impressive and detailed tactical gameplay that offers serious challenge and respects the player’s intelligence and skill without being overbearing.

How to play hard mode in Triangle Strategy

However, for those looking for a more challenging difficulty, the hardcore game mode can be quite challenging, testing the most die-hard tactical RPG veterans. Since this difficulty can take the unprepared by surprise, here are tips to help you get through the tough Triangle Strategy mode.

Play defense

Allowing enemies to advance on you instead of advancing forward can be much better at dealing with groups of enemies. When moving forward, especially with a single squad, there is a risk that the single squad will be quickly overwhelmed by the highly destructive Hard Mode enemies.

Also, while in some chapters the player may split their units into two different zones, it is highly recommended to keep the units together, as this makes it easier to adapt to the situation, heal units, and surround enemies.

Make the most of the silence

One of the main benefits of getting Kudo in Triangle Strategy is the ability to spend them on various Silences. While the player has access to a limited number of Quietus Points that can be used in each chapter, after purchasing the Quietus option with Kudos, it may be available until the end of the game. In hard mode, it is important to use all the resources at your disposal and take advantage of all the advantages you can get, especially since some of the silence options are quite powerful.

If Rejuvenating Quietus can be used to revive a fallen ally, then the Tandem option is not only available, but also allows you to double the unit’s damage and usefulness in one turn.

Huguette and the Blinding Arrow

Huguette is a hawk-mounted archer who becomes automatically available starting from Chapter 2 and is one of the most important units used in Hardmode. Because enemy units deal extra damage and are harder to take down on Hardmode, being able to safely attack enemies from a distance is key to reducing the damage your units will take.

In addition to being able to dodge melee-blocked foes from high altitude and deal additional damage based on altitude, Hugett has access to the Blinding Arrow ability. Although this action deals less damage than a normal attack, it has a high chance of blinding the target for 3 turns. Blinded enemy units will have a significantly lower chance of hitting your units, greatly increasing your chances of survival.

When the enemy is outnumbered and dealing with a large number of units, prioritizing enemy blinding can make dangerous enemies much more controllable. Also, since Blinding Arrow costs only one TP to use, it can hypothetically be used every turn of the fight.

By leveling up a bit, Huguette also gains the Shadow Seam Arrow. This skill immobilizes the enemy, pinning them in place – a fantastic opportunity to take melee units out of the fight for a few turns while you deal with the rest.

Serenoa and the reprieve

The protagonist of the Triangle Strategy, available from the start, Serenoa is a highly offensive melee fighter who can take a hit. While Serenoa’s damage output and durability make him a solid asset, one of this character’s main draw in hard mode is his access to the Delaying Strike ability. The ability, which players must use already in the first chapter, delays the target’s turn until a later time.

Although the enemies in hard mode are stronger than those the player will have to deal with on other difficulties, the key target will be much easier to deal with if the player can prevent its attack from the very beginning, delaying its turn and destroying it before it has time start taking action.

Medina — your friend

Medina, available to players with 500 morale and 400 freedom, is without a doubt the best healer in the Triangle strategy and arguably one of the best units in the entire game. Medina can not only use healing items on allied units from afar, but also increases the amount of health they restore.

This allows her to reliably heal at least one unit each turn regardless of whether she has access to TP, but at a cost of three TP, Medina is able to use two items in one turn, improving her already good healing. Medina is a great healer in the early game, and once she gets TP Physick, the value she provides becomes absurdly useful, especially in hard mode. Physicist’s TP is a passive ability that improves Medina’s healing: each time she heals an ally, they also gain one TP. Combined with the ability to use two items in a single turn, she can provide up to 10 TP to her units in a single turn with skillful use of Pellets to regenerate health, allowing you to consistently use your key units’ best moves.

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