Transferring Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo: Everything You Need to Know

Transferring spirits is the main activity you’ll be doing in Ghostwire: Tokyo – yes, even more than wrestling with yokai. This will be your main source of experience points, as well as a secondary but still important way to earn meika, the in-game currency.

Although the game gives a clear explanation of this system, we will tell you about some important details and nuances of this lesson. So, get your katashiro ready, find the nearest pay phone, and get ready to gobble up some sweet perfume.

What is Spirit Transfer?

When you appear at the very beginning of the game, you will find that the streets and buildings of Tokyo are infested with spirits. These are the spirits of the entire population of the city, which was wiped off the face of the earth after the initial plot point. Your duty is to retrieve all the spirits trapped here and hand them over to Ed, Kay’s friend Kay, who can help the spirits get to the other side.

To do this, you need to capture spirits with a katashiro. This is a magical paper that allows you to store spirits in it. You will unlock some katashiros at the beginning of chapter 2, after clearing the story torii gate. Each katashiro allows you to absorb one “group” of spirits.

Note: each blue shape you see will not be a separate spirit. They will be collected in “groups” and you will receive a window with information about the number of spirits collected. In total, 240,300 souls are scattered throughout the city.

After you have packed all your special papers, you need to use the pay phone to talk to Ed and “transfer” the accumulated spirits to him. The more you send at one time, the more experience points and make you get.

Tip: You can accumulate up to 50 katashiros. Each of them can be bought for 3.000 make in any store.

How to find spirits

Where can I find spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Well, pretty much everywhere. You can’t walk two steps without encountering a group of spirits – at least in the first few hours of your journey, or whenever you explore a new attraction. They will be on avenues, in lanes, inside buildings, over rooftops, and even in some other places.

Note: Sometimes spirits you find nearby will be “locked in” with ailments. You can easily absorb them by making the hand seals shown on the screen.

For example, you can find spirits by clearing corrupted areas of the area. These are tree-like objects that are black in color and create danger. You can purify them by shooting at their core, which can be seen when using Spectral Vision.

Another way to detect spirits is through Containment Cubes. This is a limited event that will take place in some locations from time to time. Three unique cubes will float in the air with a percentage of health; waves of visitors will try to devour them. You need to defeat all enemies before your health reaches zero.

Then the spirits will be free and you can capture them.

Tip: You can find these cubes by looking at the map and seeing green circles on it.

What are beads

After completing the game, you will unlock the unique Prayer Beads. This is an equippable item that will allow you to skip the entire payphone part of the spirit transfer process. Simply equip it in the Inventory menu and every time you consume a spirit, it will be automatically transferred.

It is worth noting that the amount of experience points and make you can earn will be limited when using this method – you will only receive the amount for one spirit. It’s the same as going to a pay phone after absorbing only one spirit. However, the more you consume without the Beads, the more points you won’t get (they just multiply the total), so use whichever method you prefer.

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