TOP DPS classes in WoW Classic 1.13.4

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In this article, we will analyze the TOP 10 DPS classes and specializations in WoW Classic 1.13.4 Vanilla. This rating is based on logs from real players.

Damage Rating by Specialization

10. Retri Paladin

In 10th place is Paladin with an average DPS of 219. Since Paladin in Classic is mainly used as a healer, you should not expect big numbers from him.

9. Peace Shaman

Shamans, like Paladins, are also mostly healers. Enkh’s result is 227 DPS.

8. Feral Druid

The cat performs slightly higher than the paladin and shaman. His result is 254 DPS.

7. Elem Shaman

The second DD spec of the shaman gives out 264 DPS.

6. Warlock

Warlock is a class that only has DD specs. Destro build shows good results in the form of 300 DPS.

5. Priest

SHP produces excellent results in the form of 302 DPS.

4. Mage

At the moment, the average damage of the magician is the same as that of the priest. But due to the higher maximum damage, we placed him in 4th place.

3. Hunter

The top three is opened by the Hunter with a result of 361 DPS.

2. Warrior

One of the most powerful damage dealers in WoW Classic, Warrior, takes an honorable second place with an impressive result of 396 DPS.

1. Rogue

And the most powerful class in terms of damage at the moment is the robber. His result is 426 DPS.

In this article, we looked at the most powerful classes in WoW Classic.

The DPS rating will be updated and supplemented as new content and raids are released.

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