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There are some fantastic upgrades that will greatly boost Akito’s skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo, but it takes some effort to unlock the best ones. Like other Bethesda RPGs, Ghostwire: Tokyo uses a combination of combat, stealth, and mobility skills to give players complete control over their play style. In addition, some of these upgrades are directly related to the equipment, abilities, and ethereal weaves that Akito unlocks as he strengthens his connection to KK, the spirit that gives him strength.

In addition to using skill points to upgrade the three trees, players will also have to use the magatama to unlock more advanced skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Known as “skill locks”, they prevent players from upgrading Akito’s abilities even if they have enough skill points. To unlock the best upgrades in Ghostwire: Tokyo, players will need to complete several different side missions in the city. Side quests are marked with green icons on the map, and rewards for completing them open when you hover over them.

Best skill upgrades in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Here are the best abilities Akito can get and how to unlock them:

  • Spectral Vision Range Boost II: 15 skill points
  • Slide Duration Increase II: 15 skill points and three magatama
  • Sliding Tengu Summon: 45 skill points and seven magatama
  • Buff Duration II: 15 skill points and three magatama
  • Faster Stealth II: 15 skill points and three magatamas
  • Health recovery after capture II: 15 skill points
  • Core Capture Speed ​​Boost II: 15 Skill Points
  • Ground Capture Speed ​​Boost: 15 Skill Points

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, Jizo statues increase the number of ethereal weaves that Akito can wield, and skill points increase the abilities themselves:

  • Wind Weave Speed ​​Boost III: 40 Skill Points
  • More Wind Charge Attack Shots II: 20 skill points and three magatama
  • Weaving Water More Shots II: 20 skill points and three magatama
  • Water Bolt Attack Width Boost III: 40 Skill Points
  • Fire Weave Piercing Strike II: 20 Skill Points
  • Fire Bolt Attack Range Buff III: 40 skill points and three magatama
  • Charge Attack Speed ​​Up II: 20 Skill Points

Gear skill upgrades in Ghostwire: Tokyo affect the bow, consumables, prayer beads, talismans, and quiver size:

  • Talisman Capacity Increase III: 15 Skill Points
  • Bow Speed ​​Boost II: 10 skill points and three magatama
  • Extra Prayer Bead Set II: 15 skill points and 3 magatams
  • Quiver Empowerment III: 15 skill points
  • Consumable Capacity Upgrade III: 10 skill points and three magatama

In addition, bow and quiver upgrades are applied to shinobi gear and kunai weapons for players who pre-ordered the Ghostwire: Tokyo deluxe edition.

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