Toastie in Vampire Survivors: how to unlock

In Vampire Survivors, Toastie is a playable character who starts the game with a Peachone as his starting weapon. Like Exdash Exiviiq, Toastie is a secret character, meaning players will have to perform an obscure feat to unlock him. Moreover, Toastie becomes available only after obtaining Exdash. Therefore, in order to access the new secret character in the Vampire Survivors game, fans must first obtain Exdash.

How to open Toastie

Fans should keep two things in mind before attempting to enter this code. First, make sure the menu that is open is a menu with a “Start” button, as another menu, like the character select screen, won’t be able to properly accept the string. Next, make sure to enter the code quickly and in one go, as there is a possibility that the game may register other random player inputs. You can also know that you have successfully unlocked Exdash Exiviiq when the bell sounds in the title menu.

Once Exdash is unlocked, players will be able to obtain Toastie by defeating Stalker or Drowner. Stalkers are minibosses that only appear in the Dairy Plant and The Bone Zone, while Drowners only appear in the Gallo Tower and The Bone Zone. Players are advised to take out the stalker at the Dairy Plant, as this location offers the most convenient way to defeat the miniboss.

Dairy Plant is the third stage in Vampire Survivors and can be accessed by reaching level 40 in the Inlaid Library. At the Dairy Plant, the Stalker has a 1% chance to spawn at the start of the game. At the 8th and 12th minutes, the probability of a Stalker appearing on the map is 30%. Therefore, if the Stalker does not appear after the 12th minute, players are advised to exit the Dairy Plant and start the game over.

After the appearance of the green Stalker, players have several ways to defeat Death at the end. If you attack this mini-boss with Pentagram, Gorgeous Moon or Rosary, it will disappear and drop a chest. On the other hand, in order to easily and reliably kill the Stalker, it is recommended to use minecarts at the Dairy Plant. After Dairy Plant dies, Toastie will appear in the lower right corner of the screen for a few moments, shouting “Panini”. At this time, players must simultaneously press the keys as quickly as possible:

  • “Down (↓)” and “Enter”.

If done correctly, a beep will sound indicating that Toastie has been successfully unlocked in Vampire Survivors.

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