Throwing Stone spell in Elden Ring: how to get and use

In Elden Ring, the Rock Sling spell is a gravity-based spell that pairs perfectly with the Meteor Staff, one of the best Mage weapons in the early to mid game. When you cast Throwing Stone, you summon three large boulders from the ground and hurl them at an enemy target. The damage and range of this spell are superior to those of Glittering Stone Projectiles, but its duration is slower. To use Throwing Stone, you must have Wisdom level 18, which is the requirement to wield Meteor Staff. In addition, you can find the Throwing Stone spell in the same place as the staff – in Ruins of the Street of the Sages.

How to get the Throwing Stone spell

The Throwing Stone spell in Elden Ring can be found a little north of the Ruins of Sage Street in the Starry Wastes. If you haven’t visited this area yet, use Cellia’s teleport trap in the Burnt Ruins.

Find the ruins and go straight ahead until you find a chest. Open it to reveal a portable trap.

The chest will take you to Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel. A lot of materials can be found in this place, but if you just want to get out of the Crystal Tunnel, then you can follow these steps:

  • Turn left from the spawn point (you can also go right and go around this area);
  • Walk until the cave is bluish, then turn left;
  • Keep moving forward until the light returns to normal, then turn right.

After that, go down and you will see the Place of Grace. Sit by the fire, and then go further to the left.

You must now exit the Crystal Tunnel. In order to move quickly, it is highly recommended to call on the Stream. Head southeast until you reach the Street of the Wise Ruins.

There will be a small hole in the ground in this area. Inside it is a staircase leading to a small room. Walk along the small corridor and open the door.

After that, open the chest and get the Throwing Stone spell as a reward. If you travel further through the ruins, you might also stumble upon a Meteor Staff, another magical item that will help you in the Inter-Earth.

Inside there will be several poisonous flowers that cause Red Rot, guarding the staff.

How to use the Throwing Stone spell

To use the Throwing Stone spell, you must have at least 18 Wisdom. Make sure you have enough Memory Stones to improve your spell list. Throwing Stone is a gravity type sorcery, so acquiring a Meteor Staff can further increase the potential of this spell.

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