Thorn Nose in Horizon: Forbidden West: how to win

The Thorn Nose is one of the many machines that Aloy will have to fight in Horizon: Forbidden West. Entering this brave new world, Aloy must explore the darkest mountains and deepest seas to protect her home. The plague takes over and kills everything it interacts with, and Aloy traveled to the Forbidden West to find out its cause. Just like in Horizon: Zero Dawn, this new territory is teeming with different types of vehicles. In the case of Thornnos, players will encounter him quite early.

The Thornbill is an acid-type monster with a design based on the anteater. It is a prey machine that will run away if provoked. It can also leave behind a cloud of steam that buffs allies and weakens enemies. Since they will run away if Aloy gets too close, players should hide in the nearby tall grass to avoid being spotted. Aloy should get close and attack them directly using Aloy’s spear in Horizon: Forbidden West. Either way, the best way to deal with him is to be quiet. Like all other monsters in the game, Thornbearer is also susceptible to elemental weaknesses.

To defeat Thorn Nose in Horizon: Forbidden West, it is recommended that Aloy be at least level 14. Thornnoses are weak to fire and pure water damage, but they are also strong to impact damage. It is important to note that Aloy has the ability to cancel Shiponos. This will allow Aloy to take control of them and use them as helpers in battle. First, the player will need to unlock the controls. It can be found in the “Chi” cauldron.

How to hack Shiponos in Horizon: Forbidden West

Nearly every vehicle in Horizon: Forbidden West will require the player to first access their cauldron. There are six in total, and each one gives Aloy control over new machines. To find Shiponos, Aloy needs to find the Chi Cauldron. Purifying it will also give you access to Behemoth, Gnatterbite, Firefang, Icefang, Redglaw Watcher, Firewolf, Scarab, Bladetooth, Thornnos, and Stalkers. Thornnos itself comes in two different variants: normal Thornnos and Supreme Thornnos.

Normal Thorn Noses are more common, but Supreme Thorn Noses have increased damage. Though the same method is required to defeat them. Players must keep using fire and pure water damage to defeat them. By defeating them, Aloy can obtain Metal Shards, Machine Muscles, Explosive Paste, and many other items used in Horizon: Forbidden West. They can be used to create more powerful weapons later on, and it’s important to keep improving Aloy with each new interaction with the machines.

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