The skin of the savior in Skyrim how to get and what it does

The Savior’s Hide is Girkin’s Daedric Artifact in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and one of two possible rewards from the related quest. Hircine is the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, and his Oblivion planet, called the Hunting Grounds, is an endless game of predator and prey, where his most ardent supporters go to enjoy their bloodlust forever (or be perpetually hunted and killed).

The skin of the savior has not been seen in other Elder Scrolls games and is completely unique to Skyrim. While this armor doesn’t give the Dragonborn any special new abilities, it does come with great passives that a light armor user can come in handy in the early game, and it’s one of the only magic-resistant unique items in all of Skyrim.

Stats and Effects of the Skin of the Savior

  • Armor type: light armor (chest);
  • Armor Rating: 26;
  • Gold cost: 2679;
  • Enhanced with: Leather and Ebony Blacksmithing perk;
  • Special Effects: Magic resistance increased by 15, Poison resistance increased by 50.

The Savior’s Hide is a chest armor that can be upgraded with leather, although players must have sufficient blacksmithing to gain the Blacksmithing Ebony perk. She has decent armor stats with a base armor rating of 26, but her real attraction lies in her passive abilities.

The skin of the savior increases the player’s magic resistance by 15% and poison resistance by 50%. This effectively blocks all incoming magic damage and halves all poison damage. While max enchantment outweighs these benefits, it can be useful because it’s one of the few armors that comes with the magic resist effect already applied.

How to get the skin of the savior

The Savior’s Skin is one of two possible rewards for completing the Call of the Moon quest. Of all the places in Skyrim, perhaps none is more suitable for Girkin’s hunt than Falkreat Hold – head to Falkreat itself and find a priest named Runil in the graveyard. Speak with the father of the murdered child, Mathis, to officially start the quest.

Traveling to the Falkreat barracks, the players free the accused Sinding, who sends the player to kill a white deer in an attempt to please Hircine. Hircine tells the dragonborn to kill Sinding for stealing his ring. Having tracked down the werewolf, the player offers his skin to Hircine, who gives the skin of the Savior as a reward. If the player chooses not to kill Sinding, they are rewarded with Hircine’s Ring, an item they stole from Hircine that removes the limit on how many werewolf transformations the player can perform each day.

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