The one who lives here in inFamous: Second Son: how to win

inFamous: Second Son has many difficult bosses, the game throws the player a variety of challenges, testing his skills in mastering its mechanics. While some missions evaluate the player’s skill in playthrough and others in combat, some missions require the player to use all of Delsin’s abilities to defeat the enemy. Mission 15 is one such quest and features one of the most creative non-human enemies in inFamous: Second Son.

In Mission 15: Heaven’s Hellfire, Delsin investigates the mysterious appearance of angels in the Seattle area. Suspecting that the missing Conduit is to blame, the player is tasked with investigating their lair in order to stop a plague of creatures creating havoc. The mission begins when Delsin goes to the hideout and approaches the computer screens in the corner. This guide will show players how to defeat the boss and get additional conduit abilities for Delsin.

How to defeat the one who lives here

After interacting with the computers, Delsin will be teleported to a collapsing ruin surrounded by lava with a blue beam of light in front of him. After running along the beam, the player will be lifted into the air, after which the beam will disappear and appear only after a few seconds. Use it to launch Delsin onto the platform above him.

After a few seconds, a blue light will appear in the center of the arena and take the form of a large angel named “He Who Dwells”, very similar to the Beast from InFamous 2. In the first phase, he will have one attack that will shoot golden energy beams at the platform he is standing on Delsin. To avoid this attack, one must either move to another platform, dangle off the ledge of the platform he was aiming at, or hide behind pillars to avoid damage – however, be careful as these pillars will break after taking too much damage.

There are also numerous braziers and neon poles on platforms around the arena, from which Delsin can draw energy for his smoke abilities and Abigail Walker’s light abilities. After Delsin landed a few basic hits on Living, he will be kicked out of the simulation and returned to Conduit’s hideout. Turn around after exiting and head towards the bright white light in the corner of the bunker, which will lead Delsin back into the arena.

At this stage, the boss will have another attack that sends out blasts of energy that can quickly destroy cover. Thus, the player will have to quickly jump between platforms like Spider-Man or hang from ledges in order to survive. After dealing some more damage, the angel will fly away and start sinking large platforms. At this point, head towards the small platforms with light beams, as they won’t sink into the lava. If Delsin gets caught in the lava, it’s not a death sentence, just run to the nearest platform before you take too much damage.

At this point, use the light beams to get to the few remaining platforms and start attacking the boss again. Remember to regularly use braziers and neon poles to get more powerful Delsin projectiles for epic inFamous Supers. After its health is reduced by a quarter, “The One Who Dwells” will turn into a flock of angels and start sinking the platforms again. He will continue this phase until his health is just under half, at which point Delsin will be knocked out of the arena again.

The bunker now has an open door leading to a separate room with more computer monitors. Head towards them to teleport back to the boss.

In the final phase, “The One Who Dwells” will summon support angels that will protect him from harm until they are destroyed. Aim exclusively at the angels until their blue glow disappears, then deal as much damage as possible to them. Periodically, he will begin to lower the platforms and fly away; when he reappears, new angels will protect him. After killing them, throw all of Delsin’s powerful projectiles at the prettiest inFamous boss until he falls.

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