The most expensive cosmetic items in MultiVersus

At MultiVersus, monetization is something the community is arguing about right now, people are definitely buying it. So let’s take a look at some of the most absurdly expensive beauty products and why.

Disclaimer: Prices will be broken down by the in-game currency, Gleamium, which is only sold in packs of 450 pieces (5$), 1.000 pieces (10$), 2.200 pieces (20$) and 6.000 pieces (50$).

Ring Knockout Effects: 1.200 Gleamium

The first is the Knockout Effects that players can purchase. These are the effects that appear on screen when a character enters the Explosive Zone at any of the four edges of the stage and is then knocked out. Creating knockout cosmetics is a pretty interesting idea, and MultiVersus already has a ton of amazing VFX for players to purchase, with more to come in the near future.

Of all the effects that players can purchase, the most expensive is the Epic Rarity VFX with a purple border. They cost 1.200 Gleamium each (450 and 1.000 packs are also known) and include:

  • Lion Stephen
  • Spike’s bite
  • Space Cook
  • Dark matter
  • Cannonball
  • Bat signal

Character options: 1.500–2.000 Gleamium

Next, most likely, we are talking about the cosmetics that players care about the most – character skins. Every character in the roster already has one skin at launch, and official trailers, datamines, and leaks have shown many more that haven’t made it into the game yet. Now the brightest skins or “variants” are also the most expensive, and two Legendary skins are already technically available in the game – Jake the Dog Cake Variant and Batman Animated Series Variant.

While the Cake variant is not purchasable and is part of the Premium Battle Pass (for now), the Batman variant costs 2,000 Gleamium (aka one pack of 2200). Fortunately, all other options are Epic rarity and cost a little less – 1.500 Gleamium. But, since there are no 500 Gleamium packs in the game, but only 450 packs, this still strongly encourages players to buy a 2.200 Gleamium pack. As for epic skins, the game has:

  • Superman: One Million
  • Raindog: Battle
  • Velma: Luau Velma
  • Bugs Bunny: Hollywood Bugs
  • Harley Quinn: Crazy Love

Emotes (taunts): 500 Gleamium

Let’s move on to tricks. Luckily, MultiVersus is a fighting game that allows players to trick (they call it emote) each other after performing a great ringout or combo. And most, if not all, of the taunts in the game are great.

From Shaggy literally tearing his shirt off to LeBron James dancing salsa, there’s a lot to be excited about. Of course, if it’s not Finn’s backpack attack spammer using his own tricks. However, they all cost 500 Gleamium, which, again, is quite expensive for the lowest Gleamium package. However, they are of high quality, and for those who want to purchase them, all Epic rarity tricks are included in the package:

  • Shaggy: Shirt Rip
  • Superman: Pushups
  • Iron Giant: Back Scratch
  • Garnet: Tiny car
  • Jake: Ballet
  • Velma: Dance
  • LeBron James: Salsa Dance

Non-Gold Character Unlock: 700 Gleamium

The next issue is probably the least egregious since they can be unlocked naturally without spending a dime, but it’s faster to use money to unlock them, and that’s the characters themselves. The intended way to unlock characters in MultiVersus is to accumulate the gold currency that players get from leveling up, matches, and so on, and then spend the gold on characters that are not in the free rotation.

But players can also just spend Gleamium to save time. The strangest thing, however, is that each character costs exactly 700 Gleamium (again, a “between” amount), but their gold value depends on their technical difficulty. Recommended characters (best for beginners) cost 1,500 gold, expert characters cost 3,000, and all others cost 2,000.

Max Characters Badge: 20,000 gold

And finally, the final cosmetic item not related to Founder’s Packs or the Battle Pass is the Max Characters badge. For those who don’t know, badges are little infographics that players can pin to their profile and keep track of things like total ringouts, dodges, and games won with certain characters. When loading into a match against another player, their equipped icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the character field, and players can check their statistics.

The “Maximum Characters” icon now tracks exactly how many characters the player has leveled up to the “max” for their rewards (that’s level 15). Of course, characters can reach higher levels, but this allows the enemy to know how many characters this hero is playing. However, this badge is worth 20,000 gold. That’s right, it costs Gold, not Gleamium, and almost enough Gold to unlock almost every character on the roster rather than buy it, so it’s a big commitment.

Founder’s Packs: $40, $60, or $100

And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the founder packs for MultiVersus, optional purchases that may or may not have leaked how many characters are coming in the near future. Players can purchase three different packages: Standard ($40), Deluxe ($60), and Premium ($100). These are by far the highest amounts players can shell out for MultiVersus and include a wide range of cosmetics such as:

Standard Deluxe Premium 15-character tickets 20-character tickets 30-character tickets 300 glamium 1000 glamium 2500 glamium Founder Rare Banner Founder Rare Founder Banner NA Founder Epic Banner Founder Epic Banner NA 1 Battle Pass Token Legendary Premium Founder Banner N/A PFG Team Epic Tournament 3 Battle Pass Tokens N/A N/A PFG Team Epic Ring N/A N/A PFG Legendary Ringtone MultiVersus N/A N/A Name Style founder

And when you consider that the 30 character tickets included in the Premium Founder’s Pack are almost double the current character roster, it’s safe to say that this is the most expensive item, but also the most profitable.

Premium Battle Pass: 300 Gleamium

Last but not least, the Battle Pass items. MultiVersus is currently running a Pre-Season Battle Pass until August 8, and it will give you a lot of cosmetic items (and it will take a long time), both Premium (which costs 300 Gleamium) and Free Pass, such as:

  • Tier 9 (Free): Stars (Grenade) – Fancy Sticker
  • Level 12 (Free): Road to Arkham – Fancy Banner
  • Level 14 (Free): Lasso of Truth – Rare Ringout Effect
  • Level 15 (Free): Finn’s Pajamas – Finn’s Unusual Variant
  • Tier 1 (Premium): Uncle Shaggy – Epic Shaggy
  • Level 2 (premium): That’s it! – Rare ringout effect
  • Tier 3 (Premium): Wink (Jake) – Rare Sticker
  • Tier 4 (Premium): Weight Lifting – Wonder Woman’s Rare Taunt
  • Tier 5 (Premium): Themyscira’s Sunset – Fancy Banner
  • Tier 7 (Premium): Omega Beam – Rare Ringout Effect
  • Tier 8 (Premium): Smile (Iron Giant) – Rare Sticker
  • Tier 9 (Premium): Steven Universe Stargazer – Uncommon Taunt
  • Tier 10 (Premium): Gotham Knight – Rare Banner
  • Level 13 (Premium): Dancing Bugs Bunny – Epic Taunt
  • Tier 14 (Premium): Fort, Sweet Fort – Uncommon Banner
  • Tier 15 (Premium): Cake – Jake’s Legendary Variant

In addition, it was confirmed in the MultiVersus Open Beta FAQ on their website that items from the Battle Pass are non-exclusive and may return for purchase at a later date. Whether they will be returned in the form of items that can be obtained in the game, through the Gleamium, or in some other way, is not yet clear. In any case, getting 12 different cosmetic items for a measly 300 Gleamium is a lot of luck, so the Battle Pass is by far the best investment in MultiVersus right now.

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