The End of the Road Dungeon Puzzle in Genshin Impact: How to Solve

The Dangerous Path is the main event in Genshin Impact. It takes place in the Abyss and features the new 5-star character Ye Lan. In addition, travelers will meet new faces and old friends such as Xiao and Yan Fei.

Inside the dungeon, people will have to solve various puzzles. Among them, the most confusing is undoubtedly the End of the Road dungeon mystery, which players will encounter in the last part of the quest. Travelers will have to walk a lot if they don’t know what to do, so be sure to pay attention to understand how to solve the End of the Road dungeon puzzle.

How to solve the puzzle in the End of the Road dungeon

The End of the Road Dungeon Domain revolves around the Fantastic Compass that exists within it. The compass features five glowing markers, each of which allows players to travel to different parts of the domain. In this guide, each label will represent cameras 1 to 5.

First chamber

While in the first location, switch the compass to the second camera. Before moving on, destroy the sapling next to her. Otherwise, it will block the device in the next location.

If players walk through this area, they will also find some bomb barrels. Destroy them to get a chest in the next chamber.

Second chamber

In the second chamber, move the compass to the third mark. This time, before moving on, pull the lever to open the gate.

If the players go to where the bomb barrels were, they will find a shared chest.

Third chamber

In the third chamber, destroy the web that is blocking the Fantastic Compass. Then move the instrument until it points to the fifth chamber.

Fifth chamber

Finally, turn the needle back so that it points to the fourth chamber. This will be the last step players need to take in order to solve the End of the Road dungeon puzzle.

In each chamber, players will have to use a trial character to defeat several enemies. Yan Fei will take the field first, then Ye Lan will take center stage. In the end, Xiao will be the only active character. In the Xiao part of the fight, players won’t have to do much, as they won’t be able to defeat Bosacius anyway.

At the end of the dungeon, the travelers will get stuck in the Rift. When this happens, just walk around until another challenge begins.

Before you leave the test, do not forget to pick up the precious chest. Currently, there is no way to revise old domains, therefore, if people miss out on a precious chest, people will permanently lose the reward.

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