The combat system in Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II: everything you need to know

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II falls into the first category with gratitude, while insinuatingly intervenes in the second to give the game a more grandiose feel.

You have to fight with everyone: goblins with spears, goblins with bows, goblins riding wolves. When you’re not fighting them, you’re fighting things much more interesting, and your hardened adventurer skills are put to the test. How to become a hardened adventurer, you ask? We’re glad you asked.

Explore your class

There are five classes in Dark Alliance 2, and they play in completely different ways. Sure, you can use your Necromancer in close combat and slash with a dull spoon, but you won’t get very far compared to your comrade entering the fight as a Barbarian with an ax the size of a small village.

The classes in Dark Alliance 2 are varied, unique, and balanced enough that you can choose any of them and have a good time. You can even tweak them so that your weed necromancer from the past has at least half a chance in a fight. For now, keep your character in your box and focus on what he does best.

Simple combat mechanics

Dark Alliance 2 is very simple at first glance. There are two buttons for attacking objects, a rudimentary jump button, and two buttons for drinking questionable drinks. Throw in a quick menu to switch between spells and you have a pretty standard system.

And it’s standard. You use one button to hit bones, another to throw balls of swirling magic, and the rest is just situational taste. This definitely plays in Dark Alliance’s favour, as systems outside of direct combat are more complex. However, anyone can pick up the game and understand its essence.

Introduction to character creation

Combat may be simple, but getting to grips with character creation and progression will take a little more time. Each class has about 30 abilities that can be learned, upgraded and combined. How you combine these abilities can drastically affect how you play the game.

Returning to our necromancer, you can cast spells from a distance, unleash devastating AOE attacks, get in close and melee attacks, and summon powerful undead allies. Heck, you can even bend enemies to your will. And what is the most interesting? You can focus on one of them or combine them in any combination to create the perfect killing machine. Pair that with five characters and you have a pretty multifaceted experience.

Get ready to drink potions

Dark Alliance 2 is an old game. The original came out in 2004, and in those days they liked to balance the fight around drinking potions. In big fights, you are unlikely to have enough HP or mana to deal with the hordes of enemies rushing towards you – especially at the beginning of the game.

To combat this unfair advantage of the enemy, you have potions. If you are low on health, drink a potion. Need to cast more spells? Drink the potion. Most situations can be resolved with this mentality. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your HP and mana bars, as well as your potion pool. After all, you don’t want them to end in the middle of a fight.

Lure Enemies

Battles in Dark Alliance 2 can become very large-scale. Fighting them honestly will likely get you killed – especially if you’re a more squishy character. Kiting is about moving backwards and luring enemies into a disadvantageous position. For example, by distracting melee goblins from support archers, you can kill them without becoming a needle pillow.

This tactic is incredibly reliable and should be used frequently. This will not only save your life, but also reduce the consumption of potions. This means you’ll have a healthier supply for harder boss fights and more elite enemies.

Take a partner with you

Dark Alliance 2 doesn’t have online multiplayer, but it does have offline co-op play on the couch. This is the best way to play Dark Alliance and makes the game easier by having a second hero. The addition of a second hero also opens up new possibilities for the game system, making Dark Alliance 2 more interesting overall.

This is because you can use synergy. Something as simple as a cleric supporting a barbarian ally is an extra level that would otherwise be missing, and it directly increases your effectiveness in combat. The barbarian tanks, the cleric heals, and everyone leaves happy. However, unfortunately, the game is limited to the ability to play together.

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