The best version of Ash in Evil Dead: The Game

There are five different Ash Williams characters in Evil Dead: The Game, one for each Survivor class and one for the Necromancer demon class. Each class of Survivor has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the characters of these classes have advantages and skills that are unique to them. The best version of Ash in Evil Dead: The Game depends on the playstyle that players are most comfortable with, as well as what skills they put into their Survivors and Ash’s demons.

Which version of Ash is better to choose in Evil Dead: The Game

Besides playing different roles in the game, demons don’t unlock power-ups in the same way that Survivors do. For example, Ash’s Survivors unlock their final passive skills at level 25, while demons only unlock their final skill at level 45. Ash’s best necromancer in Evil Dead: The Game will take longer to craft than any of the surviving Ash classes, but as far as demon classes go, Ash is one of the best options available to players thanks to skills like Health Raising: Elite and “Come Back Stronger”.

The four types of survivors in Evil Dead: The Game are Leaders, Warriors, Hunters, and Supports. Leaders have perks that allow them to give buffs to themselves and the team, focusing on attacking play in general rather than defensive stats. Support survivors, on the other hand, play better defensively as they focus on shielding and healing their teammates. Hunters specialize in ranged attacks, and with the best agility and mobility of all Survivors, they use less stamina and deal more damage. Finally, of all the characters in Evil Dead: The Game, surviving warriors provide the widest range of offensive opportunities with a combination of light and heavy attack specializations.

Why Ash Warrior is the Best Choice

Warrior Ash is the best version of the character in Evil Dead: The Game due to its versatility and ease of use in several different playstyles. Warrior Ash, also known as Ash from Army of Darkness, can be built to focus on light attacks, heavy attacks, finishers, or a combination of the two, and even has the ability to easily switch from attack to defense. For example, one passive skill, Shield Explosion, causes an explosion when the Warrior Ash loses his shield, damaging nearby enemies. This passive synergizes with another Finish Strong, which allows Ash to regenerate a portion of his shield when he kills an enemy with a finisher. The passive skill alone makes him stand out from all other versions of Ash in Evil Dead: The Game.

The best warrior Ash uses these skills and complements them with perks that do not require much control in the game. Combined with improved health, shields, light attacks, and dismemberment damage, players can consistently customize Ash the Warrior’s passives, including the latest one called Weapon Mastery: Chainsaw. Due to his versatility, Warrior Ash is the best version of the character in Evil Dead: The Game.

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