The Best Places to Build a Castle in V Rising

Even the most generous servers in V Rising will limit the total number of castles that can be built to five. More often than not, if the default selection is used, the player is only given two castle hearts. Many custom servers, especially PvP servers, limit each person to one base.

So when it comes time to put down roots in V Rising, players are faced with a difficult choice. In this big, beautiful world, where should they build? This is an important decision and factors such as size, nearby fauna, and gates need to be considered. With all of this in mind, every territory has at least one spot that stands out.

Where is the best place to build a base in V Rising

Painted Woods

The only downside to building a castle in this location is that other players know full well how good it is. Be prepared to defend him very early. If players are present on the server when it is created, prioritize booking that location. It’s a huge, flat piece of land, so you don’t have to waste tiles on stairs and levels.

There is a human settlement right on the street, which gives the vampire access to rare resources if he regularly raids this place. In addition, the castle is located between many distant gates, allowing the vampire to conveniently move between them. Learn how to quickly build a castle from scratch in order to take this place before others.

Silverlight Hills

This has to be the most elaborate castle due to the popularity of the location at the end of the game. Earning silver coins is a priority in the late game, so expect competition from fierce rivals. However, an early conquest of the site is farsighted.

There is a place in the northeast of this region where you can build a castle, but it has two drawbacks. The first is the aforementioned silver miners who regularly come together to destroy the castles built here. The second is that the place is quite small; it is impossible to build a full-fledged castle here. Fortunately, after you learn how to use the way gate, there is a point here that works great, so the castle nearby will be safer than the castle right on top of the silver knots.

Hallowed Mountains

The Hallowed Mountains are mostly bypassed due to the lack of unique resources. Here you can collect stone, lumber, hides and sometimes find iron knots, but most players pass here only to use the walk-through gates.

But that’s part of the beauty of building here. There is a lot of space and traffic is minimal. The traffic that still passes through this place, most likely, will not consider any castle as a target. For those who want to build in this place and then be left alone, take one of the mesas, clear it of wolves and enjoy peace and quiet.

Dunley Farmlands

If the players can only build one castle, let it be the castle in Dunley Farmlands. In the northwest there is a dead zone for a free gate, so it is worth putting a castle just for the sake of a free gate. But when you consider the environment, this place is just a gem.

Unlike most other locations, this one is not on a hill, it can be placed directly on the ground, so the place to build will not be a problem. Nearby locations have gems, quartz, horses, glass, a mourning lily, and a variety of blood for players of all combat styles.

Cursed Forest

When it comes to mining high-level rare materials, there is no better place for a castle than the most northeastern part of the entire map in the Cursed Forest. The Ancient Village and Spider Cave are home to some of the most valuable resources, and this castle has easy access to both.

This is a safe place to build, as there is no reason for the players to be here other than to build a base, there is no path leading here. Collect some crops, return home, and then head back. This place is not recommended for low level players, even the wildlife is deadlier than average, but experienced players will enjoy it.

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