The best magic shields in Elden Ring and where to find them

One of the most important defensive tools in Elden Ring is the shield, which can be used to negate incoming damage at the expense of stamina. Each shield in the game has a set of ratings that indicate how much of each type of damage it can negate, from physical to holy to magical. Magic damage is one of the hardest to block in Elden Ring, so players who face a lot of magic enemies will need a shield to match.

small shields

Buckler with ice crest

  • Requirements: Strength 9
  • Magic Resistance: 57

The only small shield on this list, the Icecrest Buckler is a great choice for light builds that still want to be able to counter magical threats. By default, Icecrest Buckler has no skills attached, and is a good choice for using Ashes of War.

Players can find the Icecrest Buckler in Kariya Manor, on the northeast edge of the lower gardens, behind a building with a locked door. The buckler can be picked up from the corpse on top of the rocky ledge next to the broken pillar to climb up.

Medium shields

Albino Shield

  • Requirements: Strength 11
  • Magic Resistance: 66

Albino’s Shield is probably the earliest shield you can find with decent magic damage negation. In addition to the low strength requirements for a medium shield, it also has 100% physical damage negation and the ability to parry.

The Albino Shield has a small chance to drop from any Albinaur warrior wielding it, with the chances increasing based on the player’s Arcane score. The easiest way to get the shield is from the Abbinaurics in the city at the gates of the Academy, especially since players can use the agility of the Flux to kill only those warriors who use it.

Carian Knight’s Shield

  • Requirements: Strength 10, Dexterity 10, Wisdom 15
  • Magic Resistance: 71

The Carian Knight Shield is the second most effective medium shield for magic damage negation in Elden Ring. The shield combines 71% magic damage negation with an important 100% physical damage negation, as well as good protection against holy damage. It drops without being tied to a skill and can be boosted by any shield-based battle ash.

The Carian Knight’s Shield can be obtained by defeating the Carian Knight Lunogrum. Lunogroom guards the entrance to Raya Lukaria’s Grand Library, where Rennal’s boss is located. As a human enemy, Lunogrum can parry, dodge, and use flasks to heal, so players may need to change their tactics to defeat him.

Large shields

Great Cuckoo Shield

  • Requirements: Strength 32
  • Magic Resistance: 70

First on the list of Elden Ring great shields is the Great Cuckoo Shield, which requires a significant requirement of 32 strength. Despite such a high barrier to entry, Cuckoo’s Large Shield provides 70% magic damage negation, as well as high negation rates for all other damage types.

Like the Shield of the Carian Knight, the Large Cuckoo Shield can only be found in Raya Lukaria. However, unlike its average counterpart, Great Cuckoo Shield has a chance to drop from any Knight of Lukaria Academy who wears it. The easiest way to get the Large Cuckoo Shield is at Raya Lucaria East Gate, where you can find several knights along the road northeast of the Place of Grace.

Large shield with the emblem of the eclipse

  • Requirements: Strength 32
  • Magic Resistance: 72

The Eclipse Crest Greatshield can be considered a small step up from the Great Cuckoo Shield, despite having the same power requirements. With 72% magic damage negation, this shield will protect players from even the strongest Elden Ring bosses.

The large shield with the emblem of the eclipse can only be found on the Mausoleum Knights, headless warriors that can only be found in certain places on the map. Although the highest number of Mausoleum Knights can be found in the late game in the Sacred Snowfield region, the easiest to obtain this shield early on can be found near the Catacombs of Black Knives, in the northeast of the Lake Limuria region.

Best shield against magic damage

Silver Mirror Shield (medium)

  • Requirements: Strength 12, Dexterity 10, Wisdom 10
  • Magic Resistance: 89

The best shield in Elden Ring in terms of magic damage resistance is undoubtedly the Silver Mirror Shield, with its 89% magic damage resistance. The Silver Mirror Shield also boasts 100% Physical Damage Resistance, though its Fire, Lightning, and Holy stats are lower than others on this list. The Silver Mirror Shield is also fairly light at only 3.5 points, allowing it to be used with heavier armor.

The Silver Mirror Shield can only be found in the Sacred Snowfield, in the far northeast. This shield is a treasure in the abandoned Temple of the Hermits, making it the second shield on this list that players can get without having to farm or fight.

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