The Best Holy Damage Reduction Shields in Elden Ring and Where to Find Them

Elden Ring is a challenging game, players have already managed to complete the entire storyline in less than 25 minutes. But not everyone who plays Elden Ring is capable of such a trick, which means that you will have to play the game the way it should be completed … repeatedly dying from the same enemies and bosses.

The developers at FromSoftware have never held back when it comes to punishing players for using the wrong shield or weapon against certain bosses. All of their games feature a wide range of condition effects and damage types that players need to learn, and one damage type that’s fairly common in Elden Ring is Holy Damage. There are several shields that can help the player survive Holy Damage, but players need to know which ones are the best.

7 best Holy damage shields

Gilded buckler (small shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 8
  • Resistance: 51

The Gilded Iron Shield is the perfect companion for any player who likes to travel light, and is one of the best Small Shields with Holy damage resistance. What’s more, players familiar with parrying will find this small shield useful for parrying most enemies and bosses. Using this shield also raises the Holy damage resistance to 63, which is pretty high for a small shield.

Players can easily obtain a Gilded Buckler by looting a corpse lying on a grave near the Temple of Pilgrimage to the west on the Weeping Peninsula. The exact location of the shield can be seen in the image above.

Shield of Shame (small shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 10
  • Resistance: 46

Pillory Shield not only blocks most Holy damage attacks, but also has a useful passive ability that increases the player’s health by 50 points. What’s more, it also increases the player’s life force, which means the player can counter the death effect (one of the many deadly status effects that players should be aware of).

Obtaining the Shield of Shame is not an easy task, it requires two Stone Sword Keys. Once the player has the Sword Keys, they can travel to the Prison Cave, located east of Fort Gael in the Starry Wastes. Players should brace themselves as this place is full of vulgar gunmen and rats, but getting this shield is worth the risk.

Beastman Pitcher Shield (medium shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 10
  • Resistance: 55

The Beastman’s Jar-Shield is a decent medium shield that can negate up to 68 Holy damage if the player casts Sanctified Affinity.

Chances are you’re familiar with the Beastman, especially if they fought the Beastman from Farum Azula not far from Elle’s temple. Luckily, players won’t have to fight a boss to get this shield: it drops from a normal Beastman in the Corrupted Farum Azul, located on the arrowhead in the previous image.

Carian Knight Shield (medium shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 10, Dexterity 10, Wisdom 15
  • Resistance: 71

The Carian Knight’s Shield received a significant buff in the latest 1.03 Elden Ring patch, increasing its Holy Damage Resistance from 58 to an astounding 71. Of course, this shield is geared toward magic builds as it requires 15 Wisdom. But even for non-magicians, this medium shield is well worth the investment.

Players can obtain the Carian Knight’s Shield by opening the gates of the Raya Lukaria Academy, which is located north of the Temple of the Roses. In addition, players will need to defeat the Carian Knight Lunogrum, which can prove to be a difficult task for players as it has both melee attacks and magic. Luckily, players can win this fight by running up to the lift guarded by the Carian Knight and blocking his path, causing him to fall into the hole as the lift goes up.

Great Shield of the Tree of Erd (big shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 30, Faith 12
  • Resistance: 76

Obtaining the Erdtree Greatshield is quite difficult, as players must defeat two Tree Guardians guarding the gates of Leindell, the kingdom’s capital. But instead of confronting both Guardians of the Tree at the same time, players can run past them into the city and activate the Place of Grace “Outer Wall of the Tree of Erd”. After that, they can aggro one of them into the city gates, which makes the fight much easier.

Stone shield with imprints (big shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 48
  • Resistance: 75

This Large Shield requires a lot of power to use, but it is one of the best Large Shields in Elden Ring, especially in PVP as its weapon skill, Shield Push, causes Insanity to build up. In addition, its fire damage is 81, lightning damage is 79, and magic damage is 77, which makes it even more valuable.

To get the Fingerprint Stone Shield, you need to complete the main storyline. You must defeat Morgott the Omen King in the Kingdom Capital and Mog in the Cathedral of the Forsaken (Underlands).

Greater Shield of the Holy Tree with a Cross (Larger Shield)

  • Requirements: Strength 36
  • Resistance: 79

The final Great Shield that players should use to mitigate Holy damage is the Haligtree Crest Greatshield. This shield has the highest base holy damage negation in the game. What’s more, at max upgrade and resistance, it reaches 98.75 Holy damage resistance, which will come in handy in the final boss fight. The best part is that players don’t have to kill the boss to get it, but rather find and defeat the Knights of the Holy Tree that are scattered around the Holy Tree of Mychella. It seems that players get better results when farming only knights, not archers, and do it during the daytime.

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