The best healers (healers) in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an addictive open world RPG. The playable characters of Tower of Fantasy are known as “simulacra”. There are currently 15 playable simulacrum characters in the game, which are divided into two varieties. Five are SR rarities obtained from completing story missions at the start of the game. The remaining ten are SSR rarity characters, which are the most valuable.

There are currently only four healer/support style characters. In this guide, we will rank each of them and look at their abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


Pepper is the perfect support character for new players in Tower of Fantasy. She is an SR character obtained through the early game story quests and wields the Staff of Scars. Pepper’s Sanctuary skill can create an energy shield that heals allies and reduces damage taken by 3% for ten seconds. This useful skill has a 60 second duration, so players should use it wisely.

She provides great base healing, but players will want to upgrade her quickly to make the most of her set. Fully upgraded to six stars, she can give all teammates within her range a 60% damage reduction. Her two awakening traits, “Rebirth” and “Source”, increase recovery effects by 100% and 200% respectively when she spends satiety to regenerate health.


Nemesis is an excellent burst healer with significant group AoE healing for his allies, wielding his Venus Volt-type weapon. Her attacks easily electrify opponents, negating any buffs they receive. For a healer character, she can deal decent AoE damage and heal at the same time, making her a great support/DPS hybrid.

Nemesis Awakening Traits – Metamorphosis and Sublimation – cost 1,200 and 4,000 points respectively. By summoning an Auto-Aim Electrode, Nemesis can deal volt damage equal to 60% of her total attack power to all enemies within 30 meters. It also heals all allies in range for 120% attack power.


Zero is one of the most effective support characters in the game and has a defensive kit at his disposal. His weapon is the Cube of Denial and his element is fire; its burn effect reduces all enemy healing.

He can also create a shield for himself and nearby allies for 10 seconds, absorbing up to 800% damage. When damaged, the shield reflects damage dealt to enemies, providing a useful offensive function. The Shockwave skill can launch enemies into the air, displacing them. Zero can also heal his team, but this ability is locked behind the first and third achievements.


Wielding the Absolute Zero weapon, the Kokoritter is currently the best healing support unit. Her weapon has CC abilities, using the element of ice, she freezes enemies in place. Her Shelter skill creates a healing zone that automatically follows her movement, creating the perfect on-demand ambulance for those in need of extra healing! In addition, she can summon healing bees that follow her and heal allies in massive numbers.

Kokoritter’s healing is directly proportional to her maximum attack stat, just like Pepper’s. Her awakening traits grant bonus healing. At 1200 points, Assist allows the Kokoritter to increase the healing done by 20% when using a support weapon. At 4000 points, the Trust trait also increases the attack power of a nearby ally by 15% for five seconds after using a blast or a support weapon skill. Her discharge ability also grants healing over time and continuous debuff removal for seven seconds. She can easily provide healing while increasing her damage and utility on the battlefield.

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