The best fire damage reduction shields in Elden Ring and where to find them

In Elden Ring, players will quickly notice that enemies are hitting hard. Some enemies are even capable of killing the player in one move. Players can choose to buff their defenses with heavier armor, increase their Vitality points (the in-game health stat), or take a simpler approach.

The solution to this problem is shields – or rather, shields that increase protection against fire. Fire-spitting creatures abound in the Inter-earth, and these shields will help cover their mouths.

small shields

Small shields have the lowest defense of all shield categories. At the same time, they are the lightest and can be used in tandem with the largest weapons. A little protection is often better than none. In the case of a small shield, players can usually use it in their builds regardless of the fact that they have a small weight.

iron buckler

The Iron Buckler is the third most fire resistant small shield, with a base fire negation of 42. The Blood Wolf class starts training with this shield, or it can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant in the Coastal Cave.

At the start of the game, this shield does not provide Battle Ashes, however it is a great option for those who want to gain protection but don’t want to wait.

buckler snakeman

In second place in terms of the number of fire denials on a small shield is the Serpentman Buckler, found in the Vulcan Manor Legacy dungeon. The shield drops from Snakemen who wear it.

This shield grants the user 48 fire denial stats. It also doesn’t have the innate Ashes of War, so the player can feed it whatever they like best.

Ember Shield

Surprisingly, a shield made of emberstone has the highest fire rejection of all small shields. This shield can be found in Vulcan Manor right outside the Prison City. To find the shield in a graveyard filled with molten hot lava, the player needs to jump onto the roof and then onto the smoldering rock below.

The shield comes with the Shield Push skill and boasts 56 fire negation. That’s a lot of protection for such a small shield.

Medium shields

Medium shields contain the most balance compared to others. They are perfect for players who want to not only get a pie, but also eat it. They are not too heavy and provide excellent protection for the user. Many medium shields also allow the player to infuse them with their own Ashes of War, making them a versatile and effective choice.

Beastman Pitcher Shield

The beastman’s jar shield is made from a broken vase. It makes perfect sense that he has an excellent fire rejection rate considering the way pottery is made!

This shield can be obtained as a drop from the Weremen in Farum Azul’s Corrupted. The shield boasts 55 fire denial, making it the third best medium shield in fire denial. The shield comes without skills, so it can be modified to your liking.

Knight’s Shield

The knight’s shield ranks second in fire denial in its category. It can drop from the Exiled Knights (it can be seen in the boss fight “Commander Niall”) if the player manages to kill one of them.

This shield grants 57 Fire Denial and does not contain War Ashes. Of course, as with other shields, the absence of Ashes of War means the player can change the shield to their liking.

brass shield

The best fire shield for its medium size is the Brass Shield, which can be obtained by killing soldiers wearing it. These soldiers can be found in both the Graveyard and Raya Lukaria.

This shield has a fire rejection rating of 59, making it a great option when the kitchen gets too hot. The shield can also be impregnated with any battle ash.

Large shields

For players who believe that the best offense is a good defense, Great Shields are great. They provide the user with the highest overall protection and denial. Although they weigh much more than the other types of shields on this list, that weight isn’t wasted considering their ability to block damage.

Shield with an eye

The Eye Shield can be obtained by killing Chief Guardian Arganti in the Guardian Garrison located in Giant’s Peaks and grants the user 69 fire negation.

This shield also has a unique battle ash called “Fire Spit”, which shoots out a fireball from the shield. It literally turns the best offense into a good defense.

Redmane Greatshield

Many Great Shields in Elden Ring contain their own War Ashes. Redman’s Great Shield is perfect for players who want to control the actions of their shield, but still want to be protected from the flames.

This shield can be obtained from Redmane Knights in the Starry Wastes. The shield increases fire negation by 70, making it a great addition to the player’s defense.

Shield with face

The face shield is as intimidating as it looks, with one of the highest overall defenses in the game. This shield has 81 fire negation, making it the best in the class at the base level.

The shield can be obtained in Kalem’s Dungeon (located in the Starry Wastes) after fighting two Pumpkinhead Lunatics. The shield also has a unique skill, Tongue of Fire, which shoots fire from it like a flamethrower.

The best shield to reduce fire damage

Stone shield with prints

Arguably the most difficult shield on this list, the Stone Imprint Shield makes up for it with its stats. This shield can be obtained from the puzzle after defeating Mog. You must hit the altar that is behind the boss, opening a path to the shield. This shield gives the user 81 fire denial at its base, but can be upgraded to 101 with a little upgrade.

Along with incredible defense, it also contains the Shield Push ability, which allows you to push back enemies who decide to get too close. If the player does not like this skill, it can always be changed at the blacksmith.

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