The best Emem build in Vampire: The Masquerade

Emem of the Toreador clan is one of three playable characters in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. A stylish and short-tempered club owner with no liking for politics, Emem is reluctantly drawn into the events of the game due to the machinations of the prince and a desire to help his friend Jurni, who is in danger of being blamed for the disaster that started the game’s plot. In this guide, we’ll cover her clan, disciplines, and recommended skills.

Playing as Emem, Galeb and Leishe, players must try to survive the massacre of relatives and their mortal servants by an initially unknown threat, uncovering secrets and strengthening their own positions in the process.

Clan and disciplines of Emem

Emem – Toreador, clan of the Rose. Known for their expressiveness, glamour, and emotionality, the Toreador are artists, innovators, and seducers whose gatherings often include parties, art exhibitions, and dinners. As Rose, Emem has access to the three vampiric disciplines: Auspex, Presence, and swiftness.

Note: All upgrades to a skill also grant +1 to that skill’s rating, thus increasing its effectiveness and/or reducing hunger costs when using this discipline in conversation or exploration.


A vampiric discipline of supernatural senses, Auspex allows Emem to sharpen her senses and cut through the illusions of the discipline of Shape, making her better at investigating and uncovering people’s secrets.

  • Heightened Senses: Activates Auspexvision, unlocking interactions related to enhancing the five senses. Completing these interactions requires different amounts of blood depending on the difficulty of the interaction and the Auspex Emem rating. This skill is unlocked by default at the start of the game.
  • Psychometry: Interactions related to an item’s memories are opened with Auspexvision, allowing Emem to read the recent past of items. The hunger cost is based on her Interaction Difficulty Auspex rating.
  • Premonition: Premonition interactions are now opened with auspex vision, allowing Emem to see potential future events. The cost of hunger is determined by her Auspex rating and interaction difficulty.
  • Soul Probe: This allows Emem to read people’s auras, providing information about their character and/or resonance. This does not cost resonance and is very useful for finding resonance for power discounts and discovering hidden supernatural characters in the world.
  • Mind Probing: This allows Emem to know if her opponent is planning to focus their skill to test skill in one hunger, making it easier to plan for skill focused opponents.

Emem benefits greatly from gathering additional information and reading other characters to better manipulate them, so Auspex skills can be very useful.


The vampiric discipline of supernatural attraction and emotional manipulation is central to bullfighters, allowing them to attract and influence the opinions of others through charm or fear.

  • Reverence: Grants access to Presence as a dialogue option. This skill is unlocked automatically at the start of the game.
  • Velvet Glove: Grants +1 Presence.
  • Silver Tongue: This dialog ability prevents the opponent from focusing the skill, but generates two hungers.
  • Spatula Demand: Reduces the risk of focusing the enemy by 30%, allowing you to avoid being caught off guard by opponents focusing skills.
  • Hypnotism: Silver Tongue costs one point less hunger, making it even easier to avoid opponents that focus skills.

As a bullfighter, Emem gets a lot of opportunities to manipulate people in dialogue, and Presence is a great way to increase her ability to do so.


The vampiric discipline of uncanny speed and reflexes allows Emem to blink between acceleration points while exploring and slow time to perform actions that would be impossible with normal speed.

  • Blink: Allows Emem to use Celerity’s vision, showing points she can teleport to with Blink. The first time you use Blink, it generates three hungers, but retraversing routes previously used does not generate additional hunger. This skill unlocks automatically at the start of the game and is required by Emem to play Scout.
  • Fleet: Allows Emem to clear out the environment when using Speed ​​Vision in certain situations, which also gives Emem access to speed interactions. The cost of these interactions is determined by Emem’s Speed ​​Rating and Interaction Difficulty.
  • Speed: Blinking generates one less hunger point.
  • Out of Time: Speed ​​options become available in dialogue, the cost of which is determined by Emem’s Speed ​​Rating and Interaction Difficulty.
  • Zephyr: Blinking costs one point less hunger.

Emem has to use speed very often in research segments, so improving it to minimize hunger costs is very useful and is a great use of experience.

Attributes and Skills

Emem is a socialite and an expert at getting what she wants by persuading and manipulating others. Therefore, it is very useful for her to improve the attribute “Social sphere” and related skills: Rhetoric and Persuasion.

Rhetoric is Emem’s ability to identify and respond to social conventions. It allows her to easily navigate social situations and detect when people behave strangely in such situations. Persuasion allows her to better convince others to agree with her through logical arguments or by appealing to their emotions. Paired with Presence, this makes her extremely effective in dialogue.

Other skills useful to Emem include psychology to analyze people’s motives and their connections to others, and intimidation when more polite methods fail.

Emem also has a lot to explore and learn while playing, so getting some levels of education and research can also be beneficial for her, allowing her to use her knowledge of human and vampire society in dialogue, as well as draw conclusions and inferences based on information in the game world. .

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