The best build for the Scoundrel in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Scoundrel is the perfect class to try anything with. While there is no definitive “best build” for Git, the class allows players to start the game from scratch at level one. In addition, all Git stats are 10, and any build a player wants to try will be more accessible. The only significant drawback of this class is the lack of starting equipment, so it is better for beginners to avoid the Scoundrel during the first passage of Elden Ring.

Unfortunately, any melee focused build is almost guaranteed to already have great gear for any of the preset builds like Hero or Warrior in Elden Ring. Also, it’s best to refrain from any tanky builds when picking a Git, because they already have optional stats invested in them, such as mind and faith. Other classes, such as the Rogue and Rogue, have stat distributions based on playstyle, so there is no reason to try to distribute the stats of the Rogue class in a similar fashion. Instead, players can upgrade presets like Rogue and invest in stats that contribute to an all-encompassing playstyle. While growth will be slow, weapon requirements and damage scaling will help set players on the right track.

However, given Git’s equal starting stats, players may want to consider an Elden Ring option similar to Prisoner or Astrologer. Because Faith, Intelligence, and Wisdom are considered high for a first-level character, the Scoundrel class has the upper hand when it comes to becoming the first melee or spellcaster. The caster of the Bastard increases mainly the indicators of intelligence and reason, and the secondary indicators are stamina and vigor. When creating a melee mage, the situation will change slightly: the main indicators of the Bastard will be increased due to intelligence and strength, and the secondary ones – due to dexterity and wisdom.

How to create the best Git in Elden Ring

The Rogue class is also best suited for creating a character that combines the strengths of multiple classes, and is perfect for creating an enhanced samurai build with rogue traits. The best samurai physique in Elden Ring focuses primarily on increasing strength, agility and intelligence, as well as increasing vitality and stamina, which are complemented by talismans. Rogue builds are relatively similar, but may focus on arcana rather than intelligence. The Vile Constitution can combine both of these traits, increasing Agility, Intelligence, and Arcana as primary stats, Vitality and Endurance as secondary stats, and Strength as an “as needed” stat.

As in the case of the samurai, in this variant, the Scoundrel will use talismans that increase stamina and strength, and katanas as the main weapon. The increased agility also allows the Git to use a variety of daggers like any other rogue in Elden Ring. This variant of the Git will require more mobility and stamina management from experienced players, but is essentially one of the best high-risk, high-reward options in Elden Ring.

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