Terzach in Horizon: Forbidden West: how to win

In Horizon: Forbidden West, he is the Slaughterspine, a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex-like machine with a flexible tail. Aloy will face this monster during the main mission “The Twins”, during which she will have to fight Terzach in a large domed arena. Players must use the open space by setting traps whenever they move away from the boss car in Horizon: Forbidden West.

The fight will start with Terzach standing still and charging up his plasma attack. Players should prepare immediately by scanning the vehicle for weaknesses and setting up traps nearby. Terzach is vulnerable to Water damage, so traps are very effective in combat. In addition, frost attacks are strong against this machine, such as freezing arrows or firing freeze projectiles, which deal additional damage when the boss is frozen. Players can also use Cooling Water to freeze Terzach.

The Terzach isn’t as durable as a machine like the Behemoth, but it can deal massive damage if players get too close, especially with charged plasma attacks. While it pulses plasma, players are advised to keep their distance and gradually build up its frost element by firing projectiles from afar. Once fully charged, it will emit a piercing roar and fire plasma bolts in its immediate vicinity.

How to defeat Terzach in Horizon: Forbidden West

When Terzach gets close to Aloy, instantly stop the attack and dodge. It has several deadly tail swings that have a long range despite being a melee attack. From time to time, he attacks Aloy in a jump. Players can recognize this attack when his red eyes flash to strike even if he is quite far away. Another attack that players should be wary of is the long-range plasma beam, during which he spews a concentrated beam of plasma from his mouth at Aloy.

Players are advised to refrain from using arrows or attacks that deal fire, shock, acid, or plasma damage, as Terzach is resistant to such attacks. During combat, he can charge up with plasma several times, increasing his damage and attack variations. Therefore, players should try to deal with the boss as quickly as possible, as the car will become more and more difficult over time. Also, if Aloy manages to shoot off any aggressive component from his body she can use it as an effective weapon in combat.

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