Tenegriv in Skyrim: how to get

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a variety of companions to hire, and while horses aren’t exactly companions, they are an additional creature that can help you on your adventure. Horses can be bought from stables in the lands of Skyrim, and there are even a few horses that can be earned by completing certain tasks.

Speaking of horses, Shadowheart is one of the strongest horses in the game, but also the hardest to get in the base adventure. It’s worth winning Tenegriv’s favor, even if you don’t plan to ride it often.

Who is Tenegriv?

Tenegriv is a unique horse belonging to the Dark Brotherhood. It appears in Oblivion and returns to Skyrim as a gift that Astrid gives you during the Cure for Madness quest.

Tenegriv is the strongest horse in Skyrim. Not only will he help you in combat, but he also has 1.637 health and 198 stamina. These stats make it a significantly stronger creature than other horses in the base game.

Can Tenegriv be improved?

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade Shadowmere or enhance any of his abilities. However, his health is already very high, so he is unlikely to die.

How to find Tenegriv if he is missing

If you regularly ride this horse and it disappears, it may be dead. However, due to Tenegriv’s high health, it’s more likely that a glitch is to blame. This horse has a history of disappearing under unusual circumstances, so you should save frequently using it as a horse.

Tip: If you can’t find Shadowmere, reload previous saves until he spawns next to you when fast travelling. You can also use the in-game wait feature for a few days to see if he shows up again, a solution that works for many players.

How to get Tenegriv

Below you will find all the steps you need to follow in order to find and ride Tenegriv. You need to join the Dark Brotherhood, and then go to the mission “Cure for Madness”.

Join the Dark Brotherhood

The first thing you need to do to get the horse you want is to join the Dark Brotherhood. The fastest way to do this is to head straight to the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften and kill Grelod the Good. You will not receive a reward for killing her, even if there are several witnesses.

Next, go to Windhelm and find the Aventis Aretino in the Aretino residence – this is the building in the picture below. The house is located to the right of the main entrance to Windhelm. Tell Aventis that Grelod is dead and he will express gratitude as he tried to contact the Dark Brotherhood to kill her for him. After this exchange, leave the Aretino residence and sleep on a bed, such as one of the beds in any inn throughout Skyrim.

You will wake up in an abandoned hut, and Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, will start talking to you. She will ask you to kill one of the three hostages in the room. There is no right hostage to kill. You can kill any of the three, including all of them.

After killing one of them, talk to Astrid again and she will tell you where the Dark Brotherhood hideout is. The location of the shrine will appear on your map as a quest marker.

Upon entering the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary near Falkreat, Astrid will accept you into the faction, and you will be able to start completing contracts for the Dark Brotherhood quest. You can find out more about how to join the Dark Brotherhood or destroy it in this guide.

Complete Dark Brotherhood Missions

After joining the Dark Brotherhood, you will need to complete several quests before you can ride the Shadow World. Each of them has markers, so you will know where to go during missions and which members of the Dark Brotherhood to talk to after completing the tasks.

Some of the quests you’ll receive between joining the Dark Brotherhood and starting Cure for Madness are optional, but many of them are required to advance the Dark Brotherhood storyline, so they’re mandatory. Below you will find a complete list of tasks that you must complete before starting the game “Cure for Madness”, in the order that they are assigned to you by the Dark Brotherhood.

  • “With such friends…”;
  • “Asylum”;
  • “Farewell, love”;
  • »Whispers in the darkness;
  • “With the death of silence”;
  • “Until the death separates us”;
  • “Vulnerable Spot”

Start the quest “Cure for Madness”

Once you start the Cure for Madness game, you need to talk to Gabriella in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Then talk to Astrid and after explaining that there was an incident with Cicero, she will ask you to search his room for clues. The quest marker will direct you to the correct room.

In his room you will find “Cicero’s Diary – The Final Volume”, from which you will learn that he went to the Refuge of the Dawnstar. Return to Astrid and tell her what you have learned. Astrid will now instruct you to hunt down Cicero at Dawnstar Refuge and kill him, but not before he grants you the Shadow World.

Shadowgrive will be waiting right at the entrance to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. It will rise from a nearby pond. When you ride Shadowmere for the first time, you can keep him for the rest of the game.

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