Tar Pits in Tower of Fantasy: Everything You Need to Know

There are many things to interact with in the environment of Tower of Fantasy. The tar pits are just one of the many discoveries you can make as you travel through the world of Hades. These natural and hidden formations hold an interesting secret if you manage to open them. Make sure you always carry a firearm with you. You will need it.

How to find tar pits

Unlike other items you can find, tar pits are not marked on the map in a special way. Because of this, they can be difficult to find, and this does not contribute to the fact that they are rare. Tar pits appear on the map as points of interest. These little marks look like two diamonds stacked on top of each other.

Be sure to check out all the sights that come your way. Instead of being a hole in the ground, tar pits look like small rock formations with tar in front of them. You can find one of them in Astra above the Astra station.

How to clean tar pits

If you come across a tar pit, you can easily clean it up with a firearm. You must have a firearm if you have completed the introductory stage of the game. You gain a bow that deals fire damage when attacking a hideout. Hit the tar pit with a fire weapon, or use a nearby fireball (if any) to blow up the pit. As a result, the Black Core will be inside, which you can capture. For interacting with the tar pit, you will also receive intelligence points.

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