Talisman Talisman in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, the Claw Talisman is a battle talisman that enhances jumping attacks. Jump attacks were used relatively infrequently in previous FromSoftware games, except as the first strike in combat, in part because there was no dedicated jump button. In Elden Ring Talisman Talisman enhances this movement and is useful for almost all players using melee weapons.

What does Talisman Talisman do?

“The people of Raven Mountain are professional assassins. They attack their victims in the form of birds of prey.

Talisman of the Talon empowers jumping attacks, which usually deal massive posture damage and much more than normal health damage. With this talisman, it takes fewer jump attacks to break an enemy’s posture and land a critical hit. The talisman works on both light and heavy jump attacks, but heavy jump attacks are the most affected.

Heavy jumping attacks deal massive posture damage, while light jumping attacks are useful for flying enemies or groups of enemies. Talisman of the Talon increases damage of both types by approximately 15%.

Where to find the Talisman of the Talon

The Talisman Talisman can be found roughly in the middle of Thunder Veil Castle in a jump-only area. From the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle, head up from the Place of Grace until you reach the upper balcony. There should be a short ledge to your left – drop down onto it and walk until you see wooden platforms to jump onto. On the lower platform, find a small ledge in the wall. Carefully jump over to it and then fall onto the roof below.

On the side of the building, you’ll see another thin ledge that you can drop down from the broken pillar. Walk around this ledge until you come to a small courtyard with a handful of soldiers and archers from Stormveil Castle guarding the stairs to the top of the tower. Defeat these guards or run past them and up the stairs to find the Talisman of the Talon.

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