Talisman Pustule Prince of Death in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, the Prince of Death’s Pustule is a talisman that adds extra life force, allowing players to more easily endure hits that would otherwise instantly kill them. Luckily, it’s not too hard to find him, but he’s behind the imposing boss. Here’s how players can get their hands on it.

Where to find the Death Prince’s Pustule in Elden Ring

In order to find the Death Prince’s Pustule, players first need to access the Elevator’s Room of Grace in Thunder Veil Castle. From the Place of Grace, players can exit through the adjacent door and immediately turn right. This will lead them to a “corner” with a lifeless husk (and object) rising above a large pit. Looking over the edge, players should notice a “way down” the side of the cliff and into a huge hole. There are a few falls that feel “too far” but are actually safe if players land on them.

Once players are at the bottom of the castle crypt, they will be able to walk past some large rats and through a small maze of walls until they find a large open area. Here, the players will be attacked by the boss – the Corrupted Tree Spirit. Those who want to get the golden seed that he drops will want to kill him, but those who are only interested in the Postulus can run past him and enter the room further. Postula of the Prince of Death lies on a corpse next to a gigantic underdeveloped face in the ground.

Boss Tips

Those who want to fight the Corrupted Tree Spirit may not be able to handle it at a lower level. This boss is very painful due to its huge size, many sweeping attacks, and unsteady movement. It’s not recommended for those with low health or no armor to try to “suspend” the blows of this squirming monster. Even people with better health may find themselves recovering from a few hits.

Due to the boss’s strange movements, it is difficult to determine the exact rotation, so players will have to “look for the right moment” to attack. This is easier said than done, as the boss is massive and hard to see through the thick vines hanging from his body. For this reason, players are advised to keep their distance and watch how the boss moves before engaging him. He has a series of long-range punishing attacks and can even spit fire, so at the very beginning, players should take him on a long leash.

Ranged weapons can be useful, but Corrupted Tree Spirit moves so fast and erratic that it can sometimes be hard to hit. It’s best to keep your distance, look for safe passages, and deal damage quickly before moving out of the area again. Being too close to a creature without knowing its telegraph signals and attacks can be dangerous.

What does the Talisman Pustule of the Prince of Death do?

The Pustule of the Prince of Death is a simple talisman. It takes up one talisman slot in exchange for an increase in vitality. The Vitality meter is responsible for protecting the player from Instant Death attacks. For this reason, it can be a bit situational. Players may want to stash the Talisman and only use it on certain bosses or enemies that are prone to “instant kill”. Unfortunately, the Death Prince’s Pustule doesn’t give the player much else, but the extra life force can mean the difference between being reborn or defeating powerful bosses and enemies in Elden Ring.

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