Talisman of the old lord in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, the Old Lord’s Talisman is a talisman that increases the duration of a spell’s effect. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to increase various stats. For players who explore the Interearth with a predominantly magical approach, this talisman will make their spells more powerful, which is especially useful for boosting stats or spells that inflict a condition on opponents. Unfortunately, players will be able to get this useful legendary item only at the end of the game, as there will be many strong enemies standing in their way.

Where to find the Old Lord’s Talisman

Players should begin their search for the Old Lord’s Talisman in the Corrupted Farum Azul. Players will be immediately teleported to this region after defeating the Fire Giant boss in Giant’s Peak. Fighting Maliket, the Ebon Blade is not easy, and players can use the Ashes of War to increase their chances against this boss. After teleporting, players should head to the Place of Grace at the Great Bridge. Note that in front of the boss room you will find a Place of Grace guarded by enemy cavalry.

Players will need to follow this path until they reach a large bridge leading to the boss. From here, players must enter a building located directly in front of the bridge. Upon entering the building, players will be ambushed by two beast enemies pretending to be dead. These enemies will be waiting at the foot of the stairs and near the stairs leading to the balcony. Players must defeat the enemies and go down the stairs and bridge to the tower. Before entering the tower, players will need to defeat Bernal.

How to use the Old Lord’s Talisman

After defeating this enemy, players will need to clear the remaining enemies in the tower. The best strategy against these enemies is to use a ranged attack like a bow or magic. If players immediately attempt to enter the tower after defeating Bernal, they will be ambushed by three enemies. Once the tower is cleared, players can go inside and find the Old Lord’s Talisman in a chest inside the tower in Elden Ring.

The Old Lord’s Talisman increases the duration of the spell by 30%. Players wishing to equip multiple talismans can equip up to four talismans by finding three hidden talisman pouches in the Interearth. Two bags of talismans are a reward for defeating the story bosses Margit, the Dire Omen, and Godfrey, Elden’s First Overlord. The third talisman pouch can be obtained by talking to Enya in the Round Table Keep after players have obtained two Greater Runes. In addition, players have the option to sell the Old Lord’s Talisman for 1,000.

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