Superman in MultiVersus: how to open

In MultiVersus, players will start with four characters to choose from, but they can unlock additional characters such as Man of Steel, Superman. To unlock the selected character, players will have to collect resources, and characters can be unlocked with earned or purchased in-game currency. Before unlocking a character, players will be able to review the unlock requirements on the character page. For example, in MultiVersus, players won’t have to unlock Jake Dog, Harley Quinn, Tazmanian Devil or Shaggy as they are available at the start of the game.

Players who prefer not to spend real-world currency can unlock characters with gold, a collectible in-game currency available at no additional cost. Participating in public matches is one of the easiest ways to get gold. By completing rounds in a match, winning and leveling up, players will receive additional gold per match, with a maximum potential reward of 350 gold. Players can earn between 40 and 100 gold even if they don’t win the match by playing three rounds and leveling up. However, players will not be able to earn gold by playing custom games. In addition, players can earn gold by completing tasks. Some of the easiest missions are found at the start of the game, which can earn around 2,000 gold, which is exactly the cost of unlocking Superman in MultiVersus. Players will be able to purchase any unlockable character for 1,000 – 3,000 gold.

A faster method than slowly mining gold in the game to unlock characters is to purchase characters with Gleamium, the paid in-game currency. Players can purchase Gleamium as a bundle, with the financial discount increasing the more Gleamium a player purchases. For example, to unlock a character that costs 2,000 gold, such as Superman, players must spend 700 Gleamiums. In addition, players can use the gleamium to purchase cosmetic items, including a gold version of the Superman costume and Velma from Scooby-Doo in a Hawaiian outfit.

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