Subnautica Portable Vehicle Collector Fragments: Where to Find

Subnautica, an open-world underwater survival game, requires gamers to collect resources in order to craft functional items and stay alive.

The game was an unexpected hit with fans and critics alike, who enjoyed its survival mechanics, the feeling of isolation it gave the player, and the unexpected descent into horror as players delved deeper into the alien ocean. Luckily, players not only have flippers and a knife to navigate through the water and fend off predators, they can create various vehicles to speed up movement and evade leviathans. In order to craft these vehicles, players first need to find Portable Vehicle Harvester Fragments.

What are portable transport assembler fragments for?

In Subnautica, in order to build submarines, rockets, and shrimp suits, players need to assemble a portable vehicle builder. This requires blueprints, but the player will only receive them after finding and scanning three separate Fragments. Fragments are usually found in shipwrecks scattered around the game map. Although there are several such places, there are sunken ships that are more suitable for finding them.

Where to Find Portable Transport Collector Fragments

In a bay on underwater islands

From safe, shallow areas, the best source of information might be a large wreck off the Underwater Islands. Lying just to the west of escape pod 17 (x: -510, y: -91, and z: -45 for players who follow #1 of the best tips for Subnautica), this wreck is the largest of the two on the western Grassy Plateau ( -635 -50 -2), and can often contain up to three Fragments. The wreckage is distinguished by its large, C-shaped shape.

To avoid suffocation while exploring the wreckage, players are advised to carry a resuscitator and a high-capacity tank, although they can quickly return to the surface for oxygen, as the wreckage is at a depth of about 80 meters. On the south side of the wreckage, at a depth of about 70 m, there is damage in the form of a door.

Entering through this doorway, the player must turn left (west), go to the next part of the corridor and go upstairs. In the southwest corner of this room, next to a damaged area that emits electrical sparks, lies a Shard at a depth of about 65m.

The player must now find a ladder to the west, about 68m down, which can be difficult to find, so deducting points can help players – many players didn’t know this could be done in Subnautica. The second fragment can be found hidden among the pipes and cargo, in the southeast corner of the next room, about 70m.

On a sunken ship

If the third fragment of the Portable Vehicle Collector does not spawn on this wreckage, the player should exit the way they came in and head southeast. Not far from it, among the thickets of bloody grass, there is a second large fragment (-432 -90 -268), but to get to it, the player will need a laser cutter. At the northeast end of the wreckage, about 107m away, there is a door that needs to be cut through.

Inside, there is another door on the left, which will also require a Cutter. The third Fragment is on the floor (again to the left of the door) and just below the table. With the final fragment in hand, players can build a portable vehicle builder using the Fabricator and get back to transporting resources. However, Subnautica players need to know how to get diamonds if they want to get their hands on the shrimp costume.

Other possible wrecks with fragments

The image above is a fan-made map showing all the other wrecks in the game; most of them can also spawn Fragments.

While it may be tempting to head straight for the large wrecks in the outer areas of the map, it is highly recommended that players only explore wrecks that are as close to the starting zone as possible before obtaining vehicles. Not only are players at risk of drowning in the more distant and deeper areas, but as the skulls on the map show, deadly leviathans lurk around some of the large wrecks. These creatures will outright destroy players if they go there without a vehicle.

If someone looking at the map above is horrified to see a handful of transparent skulls around the starting area, fear not. These skulls are located in much deeper regions of the planet, which will only be accessed later in the game.

How to create a portable transport picker

Once the required fragments have been found, players are ready to build a portable vehicle assembler and begin exploring the depths of planet 4546B using vehicles. Unfortunately, however, there are a few more steps that need to be completed to create a portable transport faucet.

In order to craft the Portable Vehicle Harvester, players need to fuse the following items at the Fabricant: 1x Grease, 1x Titanium Bar, and 1x Power Cell. Here’s how to get each resource:

  • Lubrication is crafted using creeping vine seed clusters. To find the clusters, head to the Kelp Forest (coordinates -306 -51 -57) and pick them up from the tall green flora.
  • Titanium bars are made from 10x titanium. Titanium can be mined in a variety of ways, such as passing Metal Waste through the Fabricator or searching in limestone outcrops.
  • Batteries are made by joining 2 batteries and 1 silicone rubber. Batteries are crafted with 2x Acid Mushrooms and 1x Copper Ore, and Silicone Rubber is conveniently crafted from the same material as Grease: Clusters of Creeping Vine Seeds.

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