Strengths and weaknesses of the Dion character in Genshin Impact

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Mondstad Dion’s bartender in the popular game Genshin Impact is an excellent healer. She can quickly move away from a large decrease in health, and also protects other characters from the enemy. In our guide, we will talk about the positive and negative qualities of the character.

Character Description

Character Description

Dione is easiest to meet at the bartender at the Cat’s Tail. The girl fully reflects the name of the tavern, she has cat ears and a sharp temper. Dione is ready to take off at any moment and show the offender his place. However, she is not only a strong player, but also a wine craftsman who knows all the nuances of making alcoholic cocktails.

As partners, we advise you to choose Gan Yu, Venti and Yan Fei. In some situations, it is possible to change Venti to Sucrose.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Any character has positive negative traits and skills, our heroine is no exception. Its advantages are:

  • An active shield speeds up movement.
  • Has a passive – the ability to cook.
  • Able to impose the status of Cryo with the help of an explosion of elements.

There are also disadvantages:

  • The standard damage is small.
  • Poor standard protection.

Abilities and skills

Abilities and skills

The heroine has basic and passive talents. The first type includes:

  • Normal and charged attack – Kitten style. Fires up to five arrows from a weapon. The charge gives enhanced damage and improves accuracy. The tip gains cold in flight and causes Cryo damage to the enemy.
  • Elemental Skill – Frost Claws. Claws are able to deal good damage to the enemy, at the same time gives a shield. The time and level of protection is directly dependent on the value of XP. A sharp click – the heroine releases a pair of sharp claws.
  • Explosion of the elements – Author’s cocktail. Produces cryo damage by throwing an ice cocktail.

Passives include:

  • Secret menu. The cat’s claws speed up the movement of the heroine and reduce the cost of forces.
  • Drunken bastard. Reduces the impact of players in the activation area of ​​the skill Author’s Cocktail, the activity lasts about 15 seconds.
  • At the expense of the establishment. Allows you to create an additional dish.

What weapon to choose?

What weapon to choose

The following models will be an ideal option for a defensive item:

  • Elegy of death. Maximizes the level of the elements in the game by 60-120 points. Using an elemental skill and an elemental blast generates a Talisman of Memory once every 0.2 sec. 4 of these items create an effect that spreads to nearby heroes, increasing their skill by 100-200 points and attack power.
  • Bow of Amos. Improves the effect of standard and charged attacks. The effect stacks five times.
  • Ceremonial Bow. The recovery of your rollback is activated. The action is performed every 16-30 seconds.
  • Favonius War Bow. Elemental particles are summoned, giving the hero 6 points of strength. The action occurs every 6-12 seconds.

Artifact Selection Tips

Artifact Selection Tips

Artifacts are combined by 2 elements and collected in full. Both options for Dione will do. Consider the most successful Genshin Impact artifacts in this case:

  • Ceremony of the ancient nobility. Improves explosive power by 20%.
  • Beloved young lady. Increases the ability to heal the hero by 15%.
  • Traveling Ensemble. Leveling of elements increases by about 80 points. When at full strength, increases the hit of a charged-type attack by 35% if the hero uses a catalyst and ranged weapons.

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