Skin in V Rising: how to get and use

Leather is a necessary material for crafting items in V Rising – it’s a survival game. You will need it to upgrade gear and unlock next level bosses, which will allow you to get more loot and items for your base. The process is a little confusing, but we’ve put it all together in this quick guide to help you get started.

How to get skin in V Rising

Here is the multi-step process for obtaining skin in V Rising.

  • Reach at least 17 points (the item next to your name)
  • This unlocks Kili the Frost Archer, a boss that can be hunted down through Blood V
  • Defeat the boss
  • Return to your base
  • Build a Tannery
  • Recycle animal skins at the tannery

This is the main walkthrough version of the guide. But more detailed.

Defeat Kili the Frost Archer

To unlock the tannery blueprint, you first need to defeat Kili the Frost Archer. This is a level 20 enemy with multiple frost attacks.

  • Kili appears in the bandit camp. Don’t fight here during the day. This makes the task much more difficult.
  • You must be around level 17 before entering this fight
  • This fight isn’t too difficult: dodge her attacks with a dash, get behind her and use Shadowbolt when available

Here is an example of where Kili will appear:

After defeating the boss, check the camp for these key items: Chests and Coarse Thread. Coarse Thread is an item dropped by bandits in Kili’s camp, so be sure to kill them and collect their goods while you’re there. To do this, you will need to upgrade the Night Stalker kit. Also don’t forget to check the camp for chests.

Build a tannery

Now, by defeating Kili, you will unlock access to the Tannery through the Upgrade build menu.

  • This workbench requires 8 planks and 160 animal skins
  • Install it
  • Add an animal skin (you can get it just by killing animals)
  • Wait for the skin to be dressed

Use this skin to upgrade your armor to the Night Stalker set.

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