Siofra River in Elden Ring: where to find a map

In Elden Ring, the Siofra River is a serene underground location located beneath Limgrave. Like other regions in the game, the Siofra River requires a map fragment to be visible on the player’s map. To get to the underground zone, you must travel to the Siofra River Spring, located northeast of the Misty Forest Outskirts and east of the Place of Grace, Step One. Once you arrive at the well, use the elevator inside it to descend vertically in Elden’s ring into the subsurface depths.

After a fairly long journey in the elevator, players will find themselves in the Siofra River and will be able to activate the Place of Grace at the entrance. Some areas in this zone are dimly lit, so it’s a good idea for the tainted to take a torch with them if it’s hard for them to see where they’re going. After leaving the elevator, go down the path to the left of the initial ruins. Stay close to the wall and keep moving forward. Players will encounter several enemies along the way, but it’s easy to slip past them on Potok. Ahead, players will notice a waterfall with an entrance on the right. Go up the stairs and activate the elevator with the lever on the right.

After the elevator finally arrives, take it up to the next level of the Siofra River. From here, head up the stream, collecting various materials along the way in Elden Ring. After walking a little more, players will enter an area with magnificent landscapes reminiscent of constellations. Before moving on, use the place of grace located to the left of the path.

Where to find the Siofra River Map Fragment

While in the Place of Grace, you will notice a staircase with columns in the distance. Head to the stairs and find a corpse leaning against the first pillar on the right. Take the glowing item to get the Siofra River Map Fragment. With this key item, fans of Elden’s Ring will be able to see the entire underground map of the Siofra River.

Among the pillars on the landing next to the Map Fragment, players will notice that there is only one pillar in Elden Ring that is on fire. These pillars are connected to altars throughout the Siofra River map, and once all of them are lit, the Spirit of the Ancestors boss fight will become available. While exploring the area in search of these pillars of flame, players should be mindful of the dangerous archers scattered around the area, as they can make short work of any uninformed Extinguished.

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