Should Victoria be warned in Life is Strange?

Max must decide whether or not to warn Victoria about the Dark Room in the fourth episode of Life is Strange. The pair do not get along from the start of the game due to Victoria’s bullying of Max and Kate and her close friendship with the dangerous Nathan Prescott.

However, it is this friendship with Nathan that can cause her great harm, and players are given the opportunity to warn her about Nathan’s Dark Room after entering the VIP section in Life is Strange. The implications of this decision are actually more surprising than they seem.

Attention! There may be spoilers ahead!

The aftermath of Victoria’s darkroom warning

Players can warn Victoria about Nathan and the Dark Room in Life is Strange, but depending on past decisions, she may not believe Max. If she believes, Victoria will promise to stay away from Nathan, saying that she has other people she can turn to for protection.

In order to get her to believe Max’s warning, players must console Victoria in the first episode of Life is Strange after a bucket of paint is spilled on her near the girls’ dorm. However, Victoria’s successful warning is actually bad, as the person she turns to for help cannot be trusted. All the consequences of this decision are described below, but they contain major spoilers for key events in episodes 4 and 5.

If Victoria believes Max’s warning, she will turn to Mr. Jefferson for help. The photography teacher from Blackwell Academy is actually the main antagonist of the game, he will kidnap Victoria and take her to his Dark Room along with Max. In this scenario, Victoria will always die.

Consequences of not being warned about the Dark Room by Victoria

If the players don’t warn Victoria or she doesn’t believe the warning, then Victoria won’t try to stay away from Nathan and won’t turn to someone else for help. As explained above, this person is not to be trusted, so it’s actually a good thing that Victoria won’t turn to him for help.

If Max doesn’t warn Victoria, or if she doesn’t believe Max, Victoria won’t turn to Mr. Jefferson for help. This means that he won’t kidnap her along with Max, and Victoria will survive the events of Life is Strange Episode 4 and Episode 5, depending on which ending players choose.

Should I warn Victoria in Life is Strange?

Without spoiling anything important, no, players should not warn Victoria about the Dark Room. This will actually put her in danger, so it’s best not to tell her about it to see the best for the character. If in the first episode of Life is Strange she was ridiculed for wearing makeup, then the choice doesn’t matter as she won’t believe Max’s warning anyway.

However, the very last choice in the game can change all decisions that will be made, so players should feel free to shape Max’s story in Life is Strange as they see fit, deciding whether or not to warn Victoria about the Dark Room.

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