Should I join Vulkanov Manor in Elden Ring: consequences

Those who have climbed the treacherous Volcano Gelmir in Elden Ring may have encountered an unexpected problem: after speaking with Tanith, the apparent matriarch of Volcano Manor, she asks the player to join her to challenge the Tree of Erd. This goes against the wishes of the Two Fingers and the Great Will, the entities the player has been serving so far. However, refusing Tanith’s request appears to block the player from accessing the rest of Vulkanov Manor. Since the players have little to say, it is difficult to determine what the consequences of this decision might be and how they might affect the ending of the Elden Ring game.

There are three paths from which players wishing to explore Vulkanov Manor and challenge Rickard can choose one. While they vary greatly in length and difficulty, their climax leads to the same outcome, and neither has a lasting effect on the late game of Elden Ring or its many endings.

Option 1: Join Vulkanov Manor and complete the Tanit quest

Accepting Tanith’s offer and completing her quest is likely the path of least resistance for those pursuing Rickard, though most players shouldn’t take it as it requires gamers to explore an area of ​​the late game that they most likely aren’t in yet. were.

Start by talking to Tanith and swear to join Vulcan Manor. This can be done even after initially refusing her assignment. Tanith follows the teachings of Rickard, who despises the Golden Order and seeks to destroy all Extinguished Ones who seek to claim the throne and restore it.

As a result, she secretly tasks the player with tracking down and killing the other Extinguished Ones, of which there are only three. Although the quest requires you to invade other cities, by no means should you turn on the PvP elements of Elden Ring.

After talking with Tanith, go to the living room, which is located in the adjacent corridor on the left. There, players will meet two NPCs and find a letter lying on a table. This letter will point players to their first target, the old knight Istivan, who can be found in the Graveyard and can be easily killed.

Then, back at Vulcan Manor, speak to Tanith again and find a new letter instructing players to go to the Altus Plateau Pass that leads to the castle to deal with Riley the Idle.

After that, return to Tanith and then find the last letter in the Living Room. However, players can receive a second letter from Bernal, a cheeky NPC sitting in a chair. It will feature two separate objectives, and completing this quest will reward players with the wolf armor set and the Helmir’s Wrath sorcery, one of Elden Ring’s most terrifying sorceries.

Tanith’s third target, unfortunately, is Giant’s Summit, which can only be accessed in the late game. Once this is done, Tanith will allow the players to see Rickard.

Option 2: Join and take a trip to Vulkanov Manor

While completing the Tanith quest gives players access to the final boss of the Legacy Dungeon, it also allows them to skip almost everything else in Vulcan Manor. Those who wish to explore this place on their own must first join Tanith and then use her key to open the first door on the right in the adjacent corridor.

In this room, there is an illusory wall in the far right corner. While Volcano Manor isn’t too long, it can certainly be a little tricky, and players may want to equip talismans and carry items that reduce poison and fire damage. In addition, here you will have to additionally fight with the boss, who, as you know, haunts the Noble God.

Option 3: Kidnap Raya Lukaria

While those who enter Vulcan Manor this way are likely to do so by accident, it is a perfectly legitimate way to sneak into the dungeon without agreeing to join Tanith. Enter Raya Lukaria’s Academy and make your way to the massive water wheel that can be found after you complete the initial trial with Noble Sorcerers and Noble Zombies.

Here, although the normal path leads up, go down to meet the Kidnapper Maiden, a powerful variant of the Iron Maiden, one of the Elden Ring’s most feared enemies, who was actually created to resemble Tanith.

Once here, the player must allow themselves to be captured by the abductor maiden’s grapple attack. In the Invisible Village, players will fall into the pits of Vulkan Manor. This entry method will require another boss fight against the Virgin Snatchers, but will allow players to explore all of one of the six main Elden Ring Legacy dungeons without interacting with Tanith or even climbing Gelmir Volcano.

Should you join Vulkanov Manor?

Ultimately, it’s up to the player, as each of the three ways to get to the ungodly serpent and its blasphemous alternate form has its upsides and downsides. For those who have already been to the Peaks of the Giants, it will not be difficult to find Tanith’s three targets, so this method may be the most suitable for those who have been putting off visiting Vulkan Manor.

However, players eager to venture into the mysterious Legacy Dungeon can choose to enter through an illusory wall. It will allow players to explore almost all of Vulcan Manor without having to complete any NPC quests.

Also, those who especially want to deal with the many horrors of the dungeon without enough level can do so with the help of the Kidnapper Maiden. However, this is probably not the best option for new players.

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