Shooting Star Beast in Elden Ring: How to Defeat

In Elden Ring, the Fallingstar Beast is a massive quadrupedal monster with a long, spiked tail. Its head is similar to a centipede, from which large claws protrude. Players can find this boss in several locations throughout the Interearth.

Although the Shooting Star Beast is an optional boss in Elden Ring, you might want to fight it, as the items it drops will help you on your journey. In a duel with this boss, his aggressiveness and mobility will dominate, so players must adapt to this in order to be able to hit and defeat the Shooting Star Beast.

Where to find the Shooting Star Beast

The Shooting Star Beast can be found in three locations:

  • Inside Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel in the eastern regions of the Starry Wastes;
  • Southwest of Ghosttree Outer Wall on Altus Plateau;
  • The adult Shooting Star Beast is located southwest of grace in the Ninth Camp of Gelmir Volcano.

Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel

The path to the Starry Wastes is a little tricky, as it’s full of enemies and mini-bosses that cause Red Rot. An easier way to get to Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel is to activate the trap in the Dragon Ruins southeast of Elle’s Temple. The trap will take you inside one of the small wooden huts in the tunnel.

Next, exit the hut and climb the slope. Then follow the following instructions to get into the boss room:

  • Look at the hut where the players spawned
  • Jump on the wooden roof of the hut (there is a shrimp fisher on it)
  • Go east through the hole in the wall
  • Follow the path until a ladder appears to the right of the players
  • Climb up it and cross the deck
  • Go up the other stairs on the left
  • Go through the entrance on the left
  • Keep going west and the boss room will become visible.

Altus Plateau

As for the second location, while at the Outer Wall of the Ghost Tree, exit the giant doors and head south. The Shooting Star Beast is inside a large crater.

Volcano Gelmir

An adult Shooting Star Beast can be found by heading to Camp Nine on Gelmir Volcano. Use Flux to jump over the Spirit Stream ahead and it will carry you to the crater where the boss is waiting.

How to defeat the Shooting Star Beast

Most of Shooting Star Beast’s attacks deal decent damage. In addition, some of them are almost inevitable, which gives players the opportunity to react in time, which can be a difficult task, especially in a small arena. To defeat him, here are some tips on how to react to some of his attacks:

When the boss jumps and floats in the air, roll to the right. If the players are close to the boss, roll over it.

The tail attack does a lot of damage and grows in size, so try to roll over it.

The beast will lunge at Tarned several times, so keep a safe distance, dodge the first two hits, and try to land a few hits after the third hit.

When its claws glow purple, the boss charges ground attacks aimed at players from below. Dodge the first two attacks and then roll over the third as it’s more of an AoE attack.

If the Shooting Star Beast starts snapping its claws in a grabbing motion, it’s probably best to dodge or roll to the side before getting caught. If players dodge this move, another one follows.

With the next move, the boss deals a gravity attack. It’s best to keep the boss against a wall so players can run away from this attack. If the monster is in the center of the room, then a blow is inevitable. In open spaces, use Flux to run away from attacks.

Finally, the laser beam attack can be easily dodged by running up to the boss. Keep in mind that although he uses the same attacks in all three locations, each one is different from the other. For example, the Shooting Star Beast in Altus Plateau does not use gravity and lightning attacks, while those in the Starry Wastes and Gelmir Volcano do. Also, the monster in Sellia’s Tunnel can only be fought in a small arena, while the other two are in an open area where Flux can be used.

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