Shiny Staff of Lusat in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff is a powerful mage build weapon once wielded by the primal sorcerer Lusat. Requires 10 Strength and 52 Wisdom. Lusat’s Brilliant Staff is intended primarily for late-game spells. At the start of the game, this staff gives way to the S-tier Meteor Staff. However, after players have upgraded their weapons a few times with regular Forge Stones and Obscurant Stones, the staff will be the best choice, especially for mages who use Azur’s Comet spell that kills with one shot.

Lusat’s Brilliant Staff is found in the Starry Waste, a region east of the Graveyard that you must avoid until you are level 60 or higher. In particular, the staff is stored in a chest in Sellia, and is guarded by Nox Swordsman and Nox Priest. What’s more, you won’t be able to face these guards until you break the magic seal of Sellia’s chest.

The fastest way to get to the city of Sellia is to use the trap chest in the Burnt Ruins, which teleports the player to Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel. After exiting the mines, the player can find the City of Conjuring directly to the southeast. However, be careful approaching the entrance to the ruins of the city, as the stairs and streets are filled with enemies that can become invisible, but still attack the player.

Where to find Shiny Staff of Lusat in Elden Ring

In order to remove the magical seal from Sellia’s chest and retrieve Lusat’s Lusat Staff in Elden Ring, you must light the three blue flame monuments found on the towers in the city. To reach these towers, players must walk across the rooftops, which can be accessed by climbing a ladder in the northernmost area of ​​the village. It is highly recommended to ride the Stream to get over the buildings, as the mount’s ability to double jump is very important for bridging large gaps.

As you light each flame, several magically sealed rooms in the city below open as well. However, by jumping down, you run the risk of getting into a fight with ghostly sorcerers, so players who want to get the staff are better off returning later and exploring the village. Once you’ve lit all three barbecues, head to the vault northwest of the city to fight Swordsman Knox and Priest Knox. After defeating them, you will receive Nox’s Fluid Sword as a reward. Enter the small crypt and open the chest inside to get Lusat’s Lusat Staff.

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