Shimenawa’s Memories in Genshin Impact: how to get

In Genshin Impact, Shimenawa’s Memories is an Inazuma Artifact set that increases ATK% as a passive bonus at 2 pieces, and increases Normal, Charged, and Offensive Attack DMG for 15 Energy as a 4-piece bonus. In particular, a set of 4 artifacts triggers every time its owner uses an Elemental Skill. If the character has 15 or more energy left, the artifact set will spend 15 energy to increase the DMG of the above attacks by 50% for 10 seconds. Keep in mind that this effect cannot be activated again for 10 seconds.

Given these bonuses, travelers can give the Shimenawa Memories Artifact Set to just about any character they want to increase their ATK% and DMG from a normal attack. Such characters include Yoimiya, Ke Qing, Xiao, Kli, Xin Yan, and many others. However, most of these characters are likely to benefit more from a 2-piece Artifact set bonus than from a 4-piece set bonus, meaning they will have to sacrifice another set’s 4-piece bonus. Therefore, fans should consider whether this decision will be beneficial to their desired build of the chosen character.

Where is the best place to farm Shimenawa’s Memories?

To obtain the Shimenawa Memories Artifact Set in Genshin Impact, adventurers must enter the Maple Hall Dungeon located on Yashiori Island in Inazuma and loot it. In order to access this dungeon, players must unlock Inazuma by completing the entire Mondstadt and Li Yue quest line ending with “The Approach of a New Star”. Then, after completing “We’ll Meet Again” and “Autumn Wind, Crimson Leaves”, players will arrive in Inazuma at Rito International Port.

However, the rest of Inazuma will be inaccessible until the completion of the Escape with Rito quest. Once travelers are able to explore the rest of the islands, they can head southwest on their waverider to reach Yashiori Island. After arriving, explore the area south of the main path at Musujin Gorge to find the entrance to the Maple Hall Dungeon.

To complete this dungeon, players are encouraged to use the Pyro and Cryo characters to get the DMG bonuses from the elements that the dungeon provides. The Maple Hall dungeon is inhabited by a variety of enemies, depending on the selected difficulty level. These include Hilichurls, Mitachurls, Electro Slimes, Void Mages, and Lavachurl’s Thunder Helm. Clearing this dungeon will give you Shimenawa’s Memory Particles, as well as artifacts from the Emblem of Sundered Fate set. This set is a great choice for characters that need a lot of energy like Raiden, Bennet, Mona, Xiang Ling or Ye Lan.

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