Shepherd Raziel in V Rising: how to find and defeat

Raziel the Shepherd is a level 60 Blood Carrier in V Rising, upon defeating which the winners receive the Crimson Beam, Athenaeus’ blueprint, the recipes for the Silver Potion of Resistance, and Corrupted Artifact. Crimson Beam is the ultimate ability, allowing the caster to project a beam of magical energy that damages enemies and heals allies, including himself. The Athenaeum is a building in V Rising that functions as an upgraded version of the Research Table and Cabinet, allowing vampires to unlock high-level equipment such as the Blood Moon set and Sanguine weapons.

Other rewards for defeating Raziel the Shepherd are a silver resistance potion and corrupted artifact recipes. The Silver Resistance Potion is needed to mine and transfer silver ore from the Sacred Silver Mine in the Silver Hills. While wearing a lot of silver makes the player weak and vulnerable, a silver resistance potion helps mitigate these vampiric obstacles. Corrupted Artifact is a pendant trinket with a score of 21 and increases spell power by +22.9.

Where to find Raziel the Shepherd

In order to meet Raziel the Shepherd in V Rising, vampires must travel to Danlí Monastery in Danlí Farmlands. This outstanding landmark can be found directly north of the village of Mossvik and south of the Bedrock Pass. Raziel’s abilities primarily deal damage to saints, so players are advised to first kill Sun Priestess Cristina to get the Saint Resistance Potion Recipe. The Holy Resistance Potion can be crafted at the Alchemy Table using Mourning Lily ×60, Biscuit ×2, and Bottle Filled with Water ×1.

How to defeat Raziel the Shepherd

Understanding the mechanics of Raziel the Shepherd’s boss fight in V Rising is critical to defeating Bloodbearer V in combat. However, vampires are advised to clear the area of ​​ADDS and surrounding obstacles before fighting the Shepherd, as they can make it difficult to dodge his attacks. Below is a list of abilities that this enemy mainly uses and a brief description of their effect.

  • Holy Bolt: Raziel fires a projectile that explodes on impact, dealing AoE damage from Holy in V Rising
  • Crimson Beam: The Shepherd fires a massive beam at his target for a few seconds; while using this ability, it can rotate
  • Celestial Helm: A red circle appears for a few moments before an AoE blast from above hits the floor
  • Beacon of Light: Raziel summons a glowing beacon-like relic to protect him and root the player in place if they get too close. Use ranged attacks to destroy it
  • Pillar of Light: This ability works in the same way as Crimson Beam, only the laser beam attack does not come from Raziel, but from above

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