Seabreeze Gachapon Coin in Tower of Fantasy: how to get and use

The Tower of Fantasy Summer Seabreeze event is now available to all players who have completed the Ecological Station Intruders main story quest. At the center of this event are Seabreeze Gachapon Coins, a currency that can be used to earn various rewards. For those fans interested in claiming Summer Seabreze rewards, this guide details how to get and how to use Seabreeze Gachapon Coins in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Seabreeze Gachapon Coins

On the first day of the event, players can receive five free Seabreeze Gachapon Coins through rewards. To be completely clear, the rewards can be accessed by clicking on the gift icon in the top right corner of the screen, while the daily rewards can be found in the Supply Run section. Notably, the daily rewards are updated at 5:00 AM local time each day of the event, and fans will have the opportunity to receive 400 Dark Crystals and 10 Red Cores as it continues.

It is also possible to purchase Seabreeze Gachapon Coins for the price of 100 Dark Crystals per coin. Players wishing to purchase this feature should click on the store icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then go to the Limited Gift Pack tab on the left. Notably, fans are limited to purchasing 94 Seabreeze Gachapon Coins from the store, although that’s enough to get all the rewards featured in the event.

How to use Seabreeze Gachapon Coins

With several Seabreeze Gachapon Coins in hand, players should return to the rewards section and then click on Summer Seabreeze at the bottom of the screen. This action will take players to a menu where they can pre-draw their coins, with the option to choose one coin or ten at once. This menu also shows the rewards that can be earned with Seabreeze Gachapon Coins, as well as the number of draws for each individual reward.

Among these rewards, perhaps the most interesting are the “Seaside Vacation” outfit, “Animal Hairpin” accessory, “Kitty Coast” avatar, “Salty Wave” avatar frame, and “Summer Stream” chat bubble. However, these prizes are quite rare and MMORPG fans have only a 0.12% chance of getting any of them in the first draw. While these odds will increase as new draws take place, players interested in these rare rewards should expect to spend quite a lot of Seabreeze Gachapon Coins.

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