Scrap metal in Dying Light 2: where to look

Dying Light 2: Stay Human places a lot of emphasis on role-playing, looting and crafting. This means that most of the game will be dedicated to researching and finding new items, weapons, and blueprints to craft them.

However, to do so in Dying Light 2, the player needs to collect important materials and common items such as scrap metal, which are vital resources in the game. This is due to the fact that scrap metal is used in all aspects of the craft, except for medicinal items.

Whether it’s crafting throwing knives, lock picks, or repairing weapons in Dying Light 2, scrap metal will almost always be the key material you need in the first place. Knowing where to get these important materials will always be useful to Aiden’s arsenal.

Where to look for scrap metal

Buying from a merchant

The easiest way to collect scrap metal to create and modify items is to buy them from the Item Shop. They are inexpensive, only one coin per item, so collecting them will not be difficult. Vendors can be found throughout the city and work for the factions of Dying Light 2 known as the Peacekeepers or the Survivors. They are often found in shelters, windmills, and other bases of operations.

Garbage bins

The next almost guaranteed place to find waste is in the garbage cans, which can be found throughout the city inside and outside buildings. Containers can often be found in yards or near convoy areas. Whether it’s large trash cans or small waste containers, they will almost always contain leftovers that Aiden can loot.

In residential buildings

While exploring residences, Aiden can often find many useful crafting materials. Exploring abandoned apartment buildings can be dangerous as they are usually full of sleeping zombies.

Therefore, Aiden will have to sneak around the buildings and use stealth kill grabs to freely explore them. Tenements usually have a lot of trash cans and wicker chests to open, often with scraps and other useful resources.

Zombie killing

If there’s one thing in Dying Light 2 that’s never enough, it’s the undead. Luckily, there are a few useful items that can be obtained by killing them if the player takes the time to search and loot their bodies. This is completely random, but they usually have small amounts of money, rags, trophies, or leftovers waiting to be taken.

Buying scrap metal is the safest and most reliable method of obtaining craft materials such as scrap metal. However, players looking to search every chest, loot every zombie, and rummage through trash cans often find Dying Light 2 littered with scrap metal and other modding and crafting materials.

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