Scarlet Wolf Radagon in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, the Red Wolf of Radagon is one of the bosses that appears before the fight against Queen Rennala Full Moon. Here’s everything you need to know about this boss in general and how to defeat it.

Overview of Scarlet Wolf Radagon

  • Location: Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Required: Yes
  • Spirit Calls: Players and Spirit Dust
  • Drop: Memory Stone
  • Weakness: Bleeding

Radagon’s Scarlet Wolf is a boss that spawns in Raya Lukaria’s Academy, blocking the way to Queen Rennala. The boss fight is a must if you want to progress further into the Legacy Dungeon and want to meet the Queen. The nearest grace to the boss is the School Classroom. You can summon both online players and any kind of Spirit Dust to help you fight the boss, and defeating him will earn you a Memory Stone that can increase the number of skills you can have at the same time.

Scarlet Wolf Radagon Attacks

The scarlet wolf of Radagon has several attacks, which he alternates with each other. Most often he uses energy spikes, so you need to get used to them. Don’t get caught by his sword combos or you’ll lose a lot of health.


The boss rushes forward from afar to bite the player.

  • Tip: Dodge to the side.

flaming sword

Radagon’s scarlet wolf spawns a flaming sword in its mouth and attacks the player with it. The boss can land several hits, and sometimes attacks and jumps back.

  • Tip: All sword attacks can be dodged to the side within the time frame or rolled back.

sword strike

The boss jumps into the air and slams into the player with a sword in its mouth.

  • Tip: Dodging to the side is the only possible option.

Energy spikes

Radagon’s Scarlet Wolf, if far to the side, takes a step and summons three energy spikes that head towards the player’s location.

  • Tip: You need to dodge three times in any direction to avoid damage from any spike.

Energy Shard

The boss jumps up and shoots a large energy shard at the player.

  • Tip: Dodge to either side when the shard is released.

How to defeat Scarlet Wolf Radagon

There are two main fighting strategies: stay close and accurately dodge his attacks, or stay at a distance and use sorcery/incantations.

Close combat strategy

For a melee strategy, you can take a bleeding weapon with you, as blood does bleed. A few hits with a good katana, like the upgraded Moonveil, can quickly deplete a boss’s health bar. Up to three online players can be called in for this fight, allowing everyone to keep getting aggro off the boss by hitting him multiple times.

Tip: The boss can also be broken, resulting in a critical hit that deals heavy damage to the boss’s health.

Thanks to his high jumps, the boss can instantly close the gap. He can also retreat after attacks to use his energy spikes. Heavy weapons can deal a lot of damage, but you can also miss a lot of attacks as the boss moves around the arena a lot, making it harder to hit him. Most attacks can be blocked, however, some of them can drain your stamina, which is not good.

Ranged strategy

The strategy for in-range combat is generally quite simple. All you have to do is keep your distance and use as many spells as possible. In combat, you can summon the Ash Spirit, which is perfect for ranged classes.

Tip: You can summon a heavy warrior spirit that can take on all of the boss’s aggression and withstand most of his attacks.

Oleg, Exiled Knight or Luthel the Headless are very good options. Since you’ll keep your distance and won’t get many attacks, you might want to carry more mana flasks than health flasks. One attack you should be wary of is the Bite attack, as the boss can pounce on you from afar in a second.

Tip: The boss moves a lot, so spells that track his movements can be very useful.

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