Scarab of Wonders in Elden Ring: how to get

In Elden Ring, the Incantation Scarab is a helmet that functions similarly to the Shiny Stone Scarab, but instead of lowering the mana cost of casting, this headgear reduces the mana cost of incantations. However, this buff comes at the cost of reduced damage negation, causing enemies to take more damage. However, adventurers with a knack for evading and avoiding attacks will find Elden Ring a lot of use for this spell-related helm.

Where to find the Scarab of Miracles

To obtain the Spell Scarab, travelers must first explore and solve the riddle of the Homecoming painting in the artist’s shack. The hut is located in the northeast of Zamogil, on the east bank of the river from Lake Eghill. You can get to the artist’s hut by heading north from the Temple of Elle and driving east from the Settlement Ruins. Then, after crossing the footbridge, head north along the off-road to the hut. Once there, the player can interact with the painting.

The Wondrous Scarab is found in the area below Lake Eghill, southwest of the Burnt Ruins. You can easily get to this place by fast travel to the Place of Grace “First Step” and go straight to the east. Don’t forget about giant bats while wandering across rough terrain.

Find a group of tombstones next to a large collapsed archway. The Ghost Painter of the Homecoming painting will briefly appear and then disappear into the wind, leaving behind the Scarab of Miracles. As mentioned above, the scarab helmet increases the amount of damage taken from enemies. Therefore, low-level faith spell users wishing to wear this unique headgear are advised to use a defensive constitution to mitigate the loss of defensive stats. It should also be noted that some members of the Elden Ring community have mentioned that the Scarab of Miracles does not work and does not reduce the mana cost of casting spells. While this dilemma may not be common to all players, it is a necessary detail to consider and verify.

Travelers who have yet to explore much of the world may find little use for the Scarab of Miracles due to the lack of usable spells. Luckily, once the player has advanced enough in the world, either by traveling through several Places of Grace or by defeating Margit, Melina will visit the protagonist and teleport them to the Round Table Fortress. You can purchase new Faith Spells from Brother Korhin at this location, making the Scarab of Miracles a more practical piece of equipment in Elden Ring.

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