Salt giant in Lost Ark: how to win

Lost Ark players who create the Judia Adventure Tome will need to find and kill the Salt Giant, a large troll-like beast with a white, rocky appearance. Before encountering this monster, players must complete all of Retramis’ main quests in order to arrive in Judia. While it is possible to head straight to the Salt Giant’s habitat, Lost Ark players are best off following Yudia’s quest, as it will eventually lead them to the Aregal Salt Flats, where the Giant’s open lair is located.

The Aregal Salt Flats quest will become available after players complete Another Monument, the seventh quest in the Yudia main storyline. During this mission, the fans will go to the nomad camp in Saland Hill. From here head southwest of the camp to meet the Elemental Golem. Players can fight the salt giant alone or with other players. However, it is recommended to fight the giant in a group, as the solo boss fight will take quite a long time.

In order to defeat the salt boss in Lost Ark, players need to make sure they have enough healing items or abilities to sustain the boss. The elemental’s basic attacks don’t deal much damage. As a result, if Lost Ark players can heal their wounds or avoid taking too much damage, they will have no problem defeating the salt giant. The main mechanic that fans should pay attention to is the monster’s AoE movement, during which it creates a large red circle on the ground. After that, the boss crashes down, dealing heavy damage to everyone in the attack radius. Fortunately, this movement is relatively slow, so it is easy to dodge or even escape from it.

How to defeat the Salt Giant in Lost Ark

As mentioned above, the Salt Giant is incredibly durable and quite resistant to most elemental abilities. Solo players are advised to use the chat to request help before the fight to make the process easier, especially when farming the boss multiple times. The salt giant drops a lot of valuable loot, from which you can get epic and legendary items. The Salt Giant can also drop the Lost Ark collectibles needed to get the Adventure Tome in Judia.

Since the Salt Giant is required to obtain the Tome of Adventure in Judia, it is likely that players will gather frequently to farm the boss. Therefore, fans of Lost Ark are advised to join the fight when passing through this zone, as the boss is easy to kill, especially with the help of others.

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