Relic “Ars Gouda” in Vampire Survivors: where to find

The “Ars Gouda” relic in Vampire Survivors allows players to unlock the Bestiary. Bestiary is accessible from the main menu and from there players can see how many enemies of each type they have killed in their save file. Relics are items that can only be collected once per save file; by collecting a relic in Vampire Survivors, players will forever open up a new game mechanic. These game mechanics can be selected at the beginning of each new level before choosing a map.

There are 10 relics in Vampire Survivors, and Ars Gouda is one of two relics that can be found on The Dairy Plant map. The connection between Gouda, a type of cheese, and the relic found at The Dairy Plant is not lost. No matter the pun, Ars Gouda allows players to collect information about the monsters they meet and kill in the game. While collecting Ars Gouda is not necessary to beat the game, unlock secret characters, or find hidden levels in Vampire Survivors, players may enjoy collecting it if they love stats and complete games 100%.

The Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors is the third base level in the game. It can be unlocked by reaching level 40 in The Inlaid Library. Once unlocked, players can explore The Dairy Plant to find Ars Gouda and access The Bestiary.

Where to find the “Ars Gouda” relic in Vampire Survivors

The first step to finding Ars Gouda and unlocking The Bestiary is to get to The Dairy Plant. First, players need to go through The Inlaid Library. While in The Inlaid Library, players should keep an eye out for the passive item that increases Greed by 10% per level, which is the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors. To enter The Dairy Plant, players need to reach level 40 in The Inlaid Library. Players level up by gaining experience, so they should focus on items and weapons that grant Growth as a bonus, Imelda is a good starting character for this.

Once players unlock The Dairy Plant, they must follow the green arrow on the screen. Green arrows will indicate where the Relics are if none have been found on the map yet. Ars Gouda is located in the extreme south of the starting area in The Dairy Plant. Like all Relics, it will no longer appear after players collect it for the first time in Vampire Survivors. After players collect Ars Gouda, they should look for another relic on The Dairy Plant map: The Milky Way map, which permanently turns the map on in the pause menu. It also displays the location of other items in the scene.

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